Should we choose the leaders of Taiwan in 2020? Korean Yo responded

 Should we choose the leaders of Taiwan in 2020? Korean Yo responded

Do you choose 2020 or not? Yo Yo of Korea made a clear statement on his political commentary program on the 4th. (Photo Source: Taiwan Zhongshi Electronic Newspaper)

According to Taiwans Zhongshi Electronic Newspaper on March 5, in an interview with a live political commentary program on the evening of April 4, Kaohsiung Mayor Koreayo said that after listening to the opinions of the people on the spot, my heart is like a deer jumping in disorder. He said, No, I didnt think of that now, dont eat bowls and look outside the bowl, and put in the portion. Work well. I hope you will understand his situation and his commitment to the voters. He is under great psychological pressure. Now he is really using it for two days a day and how much he can do.

Korean Yo received a live interview in TVBS Shaokang War Room on the evening of 4th. The host Zhao Shaokang asked Korean Yo that he had returned from Singapore and Malaysia. Why didnt he see Ke Wenzhe? Because everyone thinks that the most important thing for Ke Wenzhe to go south is to see you! Korean Yu said, Because the staff work is not arranged, the two sides after communication, time is not close, so this time there is no way to meet! He also explained that he did not know the object of Ko Wenzhes arrangement. He was totally confused. Anyway, he came back to deal with some special affairs with his family and some other things, and then went back to work in Kaohsiung.

Yo is very satisfied with this trip, selling about 200 million yuan (NT) of agricultural products. He explained that the arrangement did not go through the competent foreign affairs department of the Taiwan authorities, but directly contacted the stores with personal relations, and received good response. A lot of sour words, like sour plums popping up can not see those officers, in fact, they are not in our planning, to be a guest, the organizer is happy to accept any arrangements.

Korean Yo also shouted to the Taiwanese authorities that the purpose and purpose of the existence of the Agricultural Commission is to take care of farmers and fishermen. If the Agricultural Commission itself is not enough on export orders, the county and municipal governments rush forward, and the Agricultural Commission should help, at least to bless. The mayor of the county went out to rush orders, not feeling warm, but feeling poked at him behind his back, completely unacceptable psychologically or emotionally.

Korea Yo also reported to the audience that she would plan to visit Hong Kong, Macao, Shenzhen and Xiamen. Korea Yu stressed that he should create a good and friendly signal, that is, between cities, we can be more friendly exchanges! Because over the past two years, the two sides of the Taiwan Strait have stagnated, and many exchanges have been frozen. If Kaohsiung City makes good achievements, it will be very good. In addition, southern cities are welcome to visit Kaohsiung. If the Taiwan Mainland Committee is to crack down again, Korean Yo says that this is neither clever nor foolish nor meaningless. The Mainland Committee should bless the people of Kaohsiung and do not need to look at them differently, so that the people of Kaohsiung can not accept it emotionally.

Zhao Shaokang finally asked whether Korea Yo chose 2020 or not. Korean Yo answered with a laugh, thank you all, Help us to Kaohsiung many blessings, we must rush up the economy, if the economy can not rush up, how to explain to Kaohsiung citizens? Zhao Shaokang said, So you still find it inconvenient to answer? Korean Yo said, No, I didnt think of that now. Dont look out of the bowl and do your job well.

Zhao Shaokang asked, What if the whole situation forces Ko to fight in the end? What if only Ko Yo can make Ko Wenzhe? Korean Yo once again mentioned the beautiful woman and said, At that time, when the two beautiful women were looking at each other, I dared not look at Ke Wenzhes eyes more and more! Korean Yo also wants you to understand his situation and his commitment to the voters. He is under great psychological pressure. Now he is really using it for two days a day. How much can he do?

Source: Responsible Editor of Taiwan Net of China: Xun Jianguo_NN7379