Miaoxu: By the end of this year, all mobile phone users will be able to transfer their numbers freely to the Internet.

 Miaoxu: By the end of this year, all mobile phone users will be able to transfer their numbers freely to the Internet.

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Miao Wei talks about the effect of broadband speed-up and fee-reduction and the target of work in 2019 (Source:)

Miao Kui, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said in response to questions from reporters that at the end of last year, more than 70% of all households were optic-fiber households, basically popularizing 100-mega optical-fiber households. By the end of February this year, the number of mobile phone subscribers reached 1.56 billion on unlimited broadband subscribers. In terms of cost reduction, we have reduced communication fees and cancelled roaming fees for several consecutive years.

In the past few years, mobile phones have replaced the use of landline computers. Now users do not use Wi-Fi to access the Internet, but use mobile phones to access the Internet directly. The cost of Wi-Fi is not necessarily more expensive. It is a trend.

Miaowei said that this year, a pilot demonstration of Gigabit Fiber Home Entry will be carried out to further reduce the cost of mobile traffic communication. On the basis of a 63% reduction in unit price last year, the price will be reduced by more than 20% this year. Private line fees for small and medium-sized enterprises have been reduced by more than 15%. By the end of this year, all mobile phone users will be able to transfer their numbers freely to the Internet. If you are not satisfied with one company, you can take your cell phone number to another one.