Focus on 12 things that the science and technology circle must know about government work report

 Focus on 12 things that the science and technology circle must know about government work report

Deepening R&D and application of big data and artificial intelligence

We will accelerate the development of new industries. Deepening R&D and application of big data and artificial intelligence, fostering new generation of information technology, high-end equipment, biomedicine, new energy vehicles, new materials and other emerging industrial clusters, and strengthening the digital economy. We should adhere to inclusive and prudent supervision, support the development of new formats and new models, and promote the healthy growth of platform economy and shared economy.

Mobile traffic charges for nationwide number-carrying networks are reduced by more than 20%.

This year, the average broadband fee of small and medium-sized enterprises will be further reduced by 15%, and the average fee of mobile network traffic will be reduced by more than 20%. We will carry out number-carrying network transfer nationwide and standardize the set-up of meals, so that the cost reduction is real and clear to consumers.

Promoting Internet + using new technology and new mode to transform traditional industries

Deeply promoting tax reduction and fee reduction, abolishing a number of administrative licensing matters, and promoting the reform of separation of licences throughout the country, the opening time of enterprises has been greatly reduced, and the types of industrial production licences have been reduced by more than one third. The double random, one open supervision has been implemented in an all-round way, and all kinds of fees related to enterprises have been cleaned up and standardized, so as to reduce the cost of electricity, network and logistics. Deepen the Internet + government services, explore and popularize a number of distinctive reform measures, and improve the convenience of enterprises and the masses.

Loans to small and micro enterprises of large state-owned commercial banks will increase by more than 30%.

Efforts should be made to alleviate the problem of difficult and expensive financing for enterprises. Reform and improve the mechanism of money and credit delivery, timely use of deposit reserve ratio, interest rate and other quantitative and price means, guide financial institutions to expand credit delivery, reduce the cost of loans, accurately and effectively support the real economy, can not let funds idle or empty. This year, loans to small and micro enterprises of large state-owned commercial banks will increase by more than 30%. Clean up and standardize bank and intermediary service charges. Improve the internal assessment mechanism of financial institutions, encourage and strengthen inclusive financial services, effectively improve the financing tension of small and medium-sized enterprises, comprehensive financing costs must be significantly reduced.

Deepening the Reform of Science and Technology Management System and Promoting Key Technologies Tackling

We will further implement the strategy of innovation-driven development, and further enhance innovation capability and efficiency. We should vigorously optimize the innovation ecology and mobilize the initiative of all kinds of innovation subjects. We will deepen the reform of the science and technology management system, promote key technologies, and strengthen the construction of major science and technology infrastructure and science and technology innovation centers. Strengthening the dominant position of enterprises in technological innovation will expand the policy of increasing R&D cost plus deduction ratio to all enterprises. To formulate policies and measures to support the in-depth development of Shuangchuang. The turnover of technology contracts increased by more than 30%.

The total tariff level of a new batch of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test zones dropped from 9.8% to 7.5%.

We will continue to release the leading effect of one belt and one road, and continuously improve the cooperation mechanism with the countries along the line, and accelerate economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges. A stable foreign trade policy has been introduced, and customs clearance time for goods has been reduced by more than half. Tariffs on imports of some commodities were lowered from 9.8% to 7.5%. A number of new cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test zones have been set up. Reproduce and popularize the reform experience of the free trade pilot area. The negative list of foreign investment access has been substantially reduced, the financial and automotive industries have been opened up, and a number of major foreign investment projects have landed. The number of newly established foreign-funded enterprises has increased by nearly 70%.

Reduce the current 16% tax rate in manufacturing and other industries to 13%.

Implement larger tax cuts. Inclusive tax reduction and structural tax reduction are combined, with emphasis on reducing the tax burden of manufacturing and small and micro enterprises. Deepening the reform of value-added tax will reduce the current 16% tax rate of manufacturing industry to 13%, and the current 10% tax rate of transportation and construction industry to 9%, so as to ensure that the tax burden of major industries will be significantly reduced.

Perfecting the Innovative Mechanism of Industry, University and Research Institute and the Punitive Compensation System for Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights

Enhance the ability of science and technology support. We will increase support for basic research and applied basic research, strengthen original innovation and tackle key core technologies. We will improve the innovation mechanism of the integration of industry, education and research, with enterprises as the main body. Expanding international innovation cooperation. We will comprehensively strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, improve the punitive compensation system for intellectual property infringement, and promote invention, creation and transformation. Vigorously simplify and eliminate the harsh, so that scientific researchers devote themselves to learning, innovation and breakthroughs. We should strengthen the construction of scientific research ethics and style of study, punish academic misconduct and vigorously guard against impetuous tendencies.

To further deepen the innovation of mass Entrepreneurship

Encourage more social subjects to innovate and start businesses, expand the space for economic and social development, strengthen all-round services, and give full play to the driving role of double-creation demonstration base. We will strengthen inclusive support and implement tax preferential policies such as raising the starting point of VAT for small-scale taxpayers from 30,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan in monthly sales. We will reform and improve the financial support mechanism, set up a new board and pilot registration system, encourage the issuance of dual-venture financial bonds, and support the development of venture capital. Reform and improve the personnel training, use and evaluation mechanism, and optimize the service of returned overseas students and foreign talents.

Encouraging, Supporting and Guiding the Development of Non-public Ownership Economy

Great efforts should be made to optimize the environment for the development of private economy. We should adhere to the principle of two unswervingly and encourage, support and guide the development of non-public economy. According to the principle of competition neutrality, all kinds of ownership enterprises are treated equally in terms of factors acquisition, admission, operation, government procurement and bidding. We should build a new type of pro-Qing government-business relationship, improve the communication mechanism between government and enterprises, stimulate entrepreneurship and promote the development and upgrading of private economy. The protection of property rights must be unswerving, torts should be punished according to law, and wrongs in wrongful cases must be corrected. We should strive to create a good business environment, so that entrepreneurs can be assured of doing business and running enterprises.

Giving Free Trade Pilot Zone Greater Reform and Innovation Autonomy

Give free trade pilot areas greater autonomy in reform and innovation, add new areas of Shanghai free trade pilot area, promote the construction of Hainan free trade pilot area, and explore the construction of free trade ports with Chinese characteristics. We will support national-level economic development zones, high-tech zones and new zones to carry out pilot reforms related to free trade pilot zones, enhance the role of radiation as a driving force, and create a new high ground for reform and opening up. Chinas investment environment will surely be better and better, and enterprises of all countries will have more and more opportunities to develop in China.

A prudent monetary policy should be relaxed and moderate

The growth rate of broad money M2 and social financing scale should match the nominal growth rate of GDP in order to better meet the needs of keeping economic operation in a reasonable range. In actual implementation, we should not only make good use of the general gate of money supply, but also flexibly use a variety of monetary policy tools, dredge monetary policy transmission channels, maintain reasonable and abundant liquidity, effectively alleviate the difficult financing problem of real economy, especially private and small and micro enterprises, and prevent and resolve financial risks. Deepening the market-oriented reform of interest rates and lowering the level of real interest rates. We will improve the exchange rate formation mechanism and maintain the basic stability of the RMB exchange rate at a reasonable and balanced level.

(The content of this article is extracted from Xinhua News Agency, sorted out/Guangsheng)