How does Wu Yingjie end the copyright dispute over the new version of Fairy Wife at Home?

 How does Wu Yingjie end the copyright dispute over the new version of Fairy Wife at Home?

Beijing News reported on March 5 (Reporter Wuzhi) on March 5, the new version of Fairy Wife at Home opened in Xiamen. The play is supervised by Guo Jingyu, directed by the original director Wu Zongde Danggang and the chief writer. The male protagonist is played by Liu Zhiyang and the female protagonist is played by Wu Yingjie. Yang Zi, who once starred in Life Hands on Me, is also one of the stars of this new edition of Fairy Wife at Home.

The story of the new edition of Fairy Wife at Home will be totally new designed. The names and career settings of the main characters are different from the original edition, but the original version of the Fairy Bracelet adventure is continued. The heroine is Chen Xianqi, a drama girl who edits a fashion magazine. The heroine is an intern lawyer. They will have a series of wonderful stories because of a magical bracelet.

The original version of Fairy Wife at Home is a Taiwanese TV play which first aired in 1991. It tells about a jade bracelet with spiritual spirit. It travels from ancient times to modern times by virtue of its superpower. It finds her master, travel agent guide He Lili (Lin Yizhen). With the superpower of jade bracelet, He Lili not only found her husband Chen Tiangui (Pengcha Qia decoration), but also worked with Chen Tiangui, Shen Gongzi (Sun Xing decoration), Shen Wife (Ge Wei decoration) and other people to play a helpful nature, and achieved a wonderful legend between heaven and earth. The opening song Lost Love Front Alliance, sung by grasshoppers, has also been widely circulated.

Prior to this, Fairy Wife at Home has caused controversy over copyright issues. On January 14, Beijing Jiupin Sesame Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. issued a statement on its official micro-blog, emphasizing that Our company is the only legitimate party that owns the rights of film and television adaptation of the project of Family with Fairy Wives. No unit or individual may infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of our company, and we reserve the right to solve it through legal means.

Xu Meilin, editor of Wuzhi Newspaper, proofread Wei Zhuo

Source: Li Si_NBJ11322, responsible editor of Beijing News