Green Book won the box office by retrogression and introduced Oscar movies with high cost performance

 Green Book won the box office by retrogression and introduced Oscar movies with high cost performance

Four days after the closing of the 91st Academy Awards Ceremony, Green Paper was released in China, becoming the fastest Oscar-winning film in the mainland.

Beijing News reported on March 5 that the 91st Academy Awards Ceremony ended on February 25, Beijing time. Four days later, Green Book was released in China, becoming the fastest-growing Oscar-winning film in the mainland, with a box office of more than 100 million in three days. In addition, Rhapsody of Bohemia, which won four awards, including Best Actor Oscar, was announced to be released in the Mainland Art Union on March 22. Rome, which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, Best Director and Best Photography, was also purchased by the Mainland Film Company and its release date has not been set.

Beijing Newspaper has compiled the box office data of Oscar nominations and the introduction of award-winning films into China in the past ten years. Which types of films are most popular in the Mainland. What impact does the introduction time have on the box office? How much can mainland film and television companies profit from the Oscar label?

Oscar business has a high cost performance ratio

Among the Oscar nominations and award-winning films introduced in the past decade, only seven have box-office billions, and only one has box-office billions. The label of Oscar seems to have very limited support for imported films. Why are there so many companies doing it?

Some people in the industry have disclosed that the introduction of Oscar-nominated and award-winning movies by China Film Company is actually a business with high performance and price. Speed and Passion, Player No. 1 and other imported films will be co-distributed with Chinese movies in the form of Six Major Universities in the form of sub-accounts. Therefore, Oscar movies, which have attracted much attention, both artistic and commercial, have become the target pursued by some film companies, and will be distributed in the form of (buy) fragments.

In 2010, the copyright fee of the film The Daredevil was $500,000. At that time, the Chinese film market was already a huge price. The Oscar nominations and award-winning movies belonged to medium-sized head resources. The production cost was not as high as that of commercial blockbusters, and the copyright fee was relatively low. It was much less than the cost of investing and shooting a movie. Occasionally, gambling could make a lot of money.

Of course, with the gradual maturity of Chinas film market, copyright fees are also rising. After the release of City of Love in China, the box office reached 247 million yuan, and copyright fees have been circulated in the industry at 10 million yuan. Industry insiders said that the current Oscar film copyright between 15 million and 30 million yuan, excluding publicity fees, box office between 70 million and 90 million yuan, is a steady profit.

The only way to make money is to be quick.

Since we want to maximize the use of Oscar halo to improve the publicity effect, the speed of film introduction is particularly important.

According to the data, the faster the introduction speed is, the better the box office performance will be. In 2009, the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire was released more than a month after the awards ceremony, and finally won 35.6 million box office. Wild Hunter and Water Story also landed in China about half a month after the Oscar fever, and achieved good results. By contrast, the Kings Speech was delayed by more than a year, the Artist and the First Lady were 11 months late, and the fever had passed, and the corresponding resources were revealed on the website one after another, which was also one of the reasons for the poor box office of several biographical films.

Well probably start betting on Oscars two years ahead of schedule, said Wang Haiyi, founder of Haixiu Entertainment, who introduced the best adaptation of the Oscar screenplay Imitation Game. Mainland companies will evaluate Oscar films in advance before introducing them. Its hard to buy them when the Oscar results come out.

As long as timeliness is guaranteed, award-winning films will make good money, but if the film is not gambled to an Academy Award, then the chance of Waterloo at the box office will be greatly increased. The average box office of nominated non-winning Oscar movies in China is only 30 million.

Action adventure movies are the most gold-absorbing biographical movies and the most lonely

Among the types of Oscar nominations and award-winning films introduced in the past decade, biographical films and animated films have the largest number, with four each; followed by crime films and love films, with three each; action adventure films, family films and dance films, with two each, war films, science fiction films and comedies.

From the average box office of different types of films, action adventure films represented by Wild Hunter attract the most money, while biographical films are the most depressed. After The Kings Speech, Iron Lady and First Lady were introduced into the Mainland, each film only received millions of box office receipts, and only Imitation Game broke through the 50 million mark.

The box office performance of animated films fluctuates greatly. The war movie Warhorse, Coming and Green Paper, which are currently on show, all have a box office of more than 100 million yuan, which is very suitable for Chinese audiences.

Teng Chao, Reporter of the Beijing News

Source: Li Si_NBJ11322, responsible editor of Beijing News