[email protected]! 30 Hard Nuclear Peoples Welfare Bags should be put away as soon as possible

 Premier@You! 30 Hard Nuclear Peoples Welfare Bags should be put away as soon as possible

The second session of the 13th National Peoples Congress opened in Beijing today (5). Li Keqiang emphasized this statement in his report on the work of the government.

From this government work report, Xiaoxin has sorted out 30 measures to safeguard and improve peoples livelihood, each of which is meticulous and real!


We will resolutely prevent and correct gender and identity discrimination in employment.


From the unemployment insurance fund balance, 100 billion yuan will be spent on skills upgrading and job-transfer training for more than 15 million employees.


Reform and improve the methods of examination enrollment in Higher Vocational colleges, encourage more senior high school graduates and veterans, laid-off workers, migrant workers and other applicants, this year, a large-scale expansion of enrollment of 1 million people.


Establishment of a national scholarship for secondary vocational education.


Within two years, provincial toll stations across the country will be basically abolished to achieve speedy toll collection without stopping, reduce congestion and facilitate the masses.


We will continue to carry out the reform of reducing certificates and facilitating the people so as not to let cumbersome certificates toss enterprises and the masses back and forth.


Special governance intermediary service fees. We will continue to clean up and standardize administrative fees. Speed up the construction of one net of charge list, make the charge open and transparent, and make the random charge nowhere to hide.


We will implement the newly revised Personal Income Tax Law so that about 80 million taxpayers who meet the tax reduction policy can enjoy it.


In response to the new changes in consumer demand, we should increase the supply of high-quality products and services through multiple channels, and speed up the removal of the blockade of private capital entry.


This year, the average broadband fee of small and medium-sized enterprises will be further reduced by 15%, and the average fee of mobile network traffic will be reduced by more than 20%. We will carry out number-carrying network transfer nationwide and standardize the set-up of meals, so that the cost reduction is real and clear to consumers.


We should vigorously develop the old-age service industry, especially the community old-age service industry, and give tax and fee relief, financial support, preferential price of water, electricity and heat to the institutions providing day care, rehabilitation care, and buffet and other services in the community. New residential areas should support the construction of community old-age service facilities, reform and improve the policy of combining medical care with maintenance, and expand the pilot project of long-term care insurance system.


In view of the new situation after the implementation of the comprehensive two-child policy, we should accelerate the development of various forms of infant and child care services, and support social forces in setting up nursery services.


We will carry out special actions to control dropouts in poverty-stricken areas, significantly reduce the dropout rate, continue to increase the number of students enrolled in key universities in rural and poverty-stricken areas, and make good use of education as a fundamental measure to block the transmission of poverty between generations.


To eradicate the problem of wage arrears of migrant workers, we should formulate special administrative regulations to ensure that migrant workers who have worked hard and sweated get their due remuneration on time.


We will speed up the implementation of the project to consolidate and improve rural drinking water security, solve the problem of drinking water security for the population with difficulty in drinking water this year and next, and improve the water supply security level of 60 million rural people.


Complete a new round of rural power grid upgrading and transformation. Conduct the improvement of rural human settlements according to local conditions, promote the toilet revolution and waste water treatment, and build beautiful countryside.


We should better solve the housing problem of the masses, implement the main responsibility of the city, reform and improve the housing market system and security system, and promote the steady and healthy development of the real estate market. We will continue to promote the construction of affordable housing and the transformation of shanty towns in cities and towns to ensure the basic living needs of the disadvantaged groups.


Old urban residential areas have a large number of buildings. We should vigorously carry out renovation and upgrading, upgrade water, electricity and other ancillary facilities, support the installation of elevators, improve convenience markets, convenience stores, pedestrian streets, parking lots, barrier-free access and other living services.


To consolidate and expand the achievements of the Blue Sky Defense War, the emissions of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides will decrease by 3% this year, and the concentration of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in key areas will continue to decline. We will continue to tackle the key problems of air pollution control in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and its surrounding areas, the Yangtze River Delta and the Fenwei Plain, and strengthen the control of three major pollution sources, namely, industry, coal combustion and motor vehicles.


We will do a good job of cleaning and heating in the northern region to ensure that the people are warm for the winter.


To strengthen the prevention and control of water and soil pollution, this years chemical oxygen demand and ammonia nitrogen emissions will decrease by 2%. We will speed up the control of black and odorous water bodies and promote comprehensive regulation of key river basins and coastal waters.


The proportion of national financial expenditure on education to GDP has remained at over 4%, and the central financial expenditure on education has exceeded 1 trillion yuan.


We will continue to improve the level of basic medical insurance and major illness insurance for urban and rural residents. The per capita financial subsidy standard for residentsmedical insurance will be increased by 30 yuan, half of which will be used for major illness insurance. Reduce and unify the starting line of major illness insurance, increase the reimbursement rate from 50% to 60%, and further reduce the medical burden of patients with major illness and people in need.


Strengthening prevention and treatment of major diseases. There are tens of millions of families suffering from cancer in our country. We should implement cancer prevention and control actions, promote prevention and screening, early diagnosis and treatment, and tackle key scientific research issues, and focus on alleviating the pain points of peoples livelihood. Do a good job in the prevention and treatment of common chronic diseases, hypertension, diabetes and other outpatient drugs into the medical insurance reimbursement.


Drug vaccines are vital to life safety. We must strengthen the whole process of supervision, severely punish those who break the law, seriously investigate those who neglect their duties, and resolutely defend the peoples life and health line.


We should implement and improve the policy of direct settlement of cross-provincial and off-site medical treatment, so as to enable off-site patients to see a doctor with cards and settle accounts immediately in all designated hospitals as soon as possible, so as to effectively facilitate the floating population and the elderly accompanying them. Deepening the comprehensive reform of public hospitals. Promote social medical service.


We will continue to raise basic pensions for retirees.


We will ensure the treatment of veterans and improve the continuation policy of basic pension and medical insurance for veterans.


We should properly raise the standards of urban and rural minimum living allowance and special relief, and strengthen the protection of children in distress.


We will intensify efforts to get rid of difficult workers in cities and towns. Improve the level of disability prevention and rehabilitation services.