Qingnan Coach: Lunengs tactics havent changed much and we need to focus on Ferraini.

 Qingnan Coach: Lunengs tactics havent changed much and we need to focus on Ferraini.

Coach Kim Jong-fu has made great progress since he took over the team in 2016 and led the team to the Asian Championship for the first time. However, his opening remark was simple: Im glad to have the chance to play in the Asian Championship. Pei Qizhong, the players representative, said, This is our first time to play in the Asian Championship. We are all very happy that we won the first match of the previous domestic league, which also makes us more confident about the first match of the Asian Championship tomorrow.

For the Qingnan team, Lunengs most attractive is a few foreign players, especially the Belgian international Ferraini who just joined from Manchester United. We studied Shandong Luneng teams game before the game, and we noticed that compared with last year, the overall defense of Luneng team did not change very much, and the whole tactics did not change much compared with last year, said Kim Jong-fu. However, Ferrainis joining in the attack as the second echelon of the back is still very dangerous. This will be our priority to guard against.

As for Lunengs high-altitude bombing tactics, Kim Jong-fu said: We analyzed Lunengs game, Pellet is an important fulcrum in their aerial ball playing methods and tactics, while Ferraini is more of an organizational attack, Hao Junmin is another organizational attacker. Therefore, we have specially prepared Lunengs tactics and techniques.

Kim Jong-fu said that Lunengs latest league match before their arrival in Korea had been carefully watched through videotape. I think that in the game, the key to determine the game is the continuous and stable play and Offensive-Defensive conversion. The Qingnan team must continue to organize attacks to suppress the opponents. Luneng has high quality foreign aid, but we have played against many teams with excellent foreign aid. So, we are very experienced in this respect. We are still confident about the game.

Source: Editor-in-Charge of Madexing: Xu Song_NS1943