The 15 words of the government work report are: the government is doing what the people expect.

 The 15 words of the government work report are: the government is doing what the people expect.

1. Difficulties should not be underestimated, confidence should not be shaken, and energy should not be slackened.

2. We should not let tedious proofs toss enterprises and the masses back and forth.

3. It is part of the government to do a good job of service, and it is negligent to do a bad job of service.

4. We must resolutely honour our our our commitments to enterprises and society, and we must accomplish this major task (tax reduction and fee reduction) well if there are any more difficulties.

5. As long as employment is stable and income increases, we will have more confidence.

6. Let more young people realize the value of life by virtue of one skill, and let 360 lines of talents gather together with bright stars.

7. To gather and make good use of all kinds of talents, Chinas innovation will surely develop better and make due contributions to the progress of human civilization.

8. Ensure that migrant workers who work hard and sweat get their due remuneration on time.

9. The government should take the lead in sticking to the contract in good faith, and never new officials ignore old accounts.

10. Efforts should be made to create a good business environment so that entrepreneurs can safely conduct business and run enterprises.

11. We should try our best to rescue the masses and help them out. We should firmly hold the bottom line of the basic peoples livelihood.

12. What the government does should be what the people expect.

13. We must resolutely investigate and punish all illegal and illegal acts, resolutely rectify all unfair and uncivilized phenomena of law enforcement, and resolutely pursue the responsibility of all administrative omissions.

14. Governments at all levels should resolutely oppose and rectify all formalism and bureaucracy, so that cadres can be freed from Wenshan Huihai, welcome reviews and inspection, and report forms of materials, and devote their energies to solving practical problems.

15. We must face up to the problems and challenges, be brave to take on the responsibilities, do our duty strictly, do our best to do a good job, and never fail to live up to the expectations of the people!