Li Xiaopeng Talking about Online Car Appointment: Safety is the Bottom Line Must Be Observed Together

 Li Xiaopeng Talking about Online Car Appointment: Safety is the Bottom Line Must Be Observed Together

Li Xiaopeng

The third person who stepped onto the ministerial corridor was Li Xiaopeng, Minister of Transport. Some reporters asked, is the new policy of online car appointment implemented smoothly? How to supervise the Internet contract car next?

Li Xiaopeng said that the development of online car appointment has brought convenience to peoples travel, but there have also been some problems, such as safety, safety is the bottom line that the government and enterprises must abide by together.

He said that at present, 29 provinces, districts and municipalities have issued Implementation opinions, 247 cities have issued specific implementation rules, more than 110 platform companies have obtained business licenses, drivers and vehicles are also accelerating the speed of certification, and online car is stepping into a standardized development track.

He pointed out that online car appointment is of great significance to economic development, employment increase, technological innovation and so on. Our attitude is to actively support the existing problems, and to seek benefits and avoid disadvantages, be inclusive and prudent, and keep the bottom line, whether in the new or traditional forms of transportation, safety must be the first priority.

He said that the next step for the government to strengthen regulatory responsibility, enterprises to fulfill the main responsibility, the development of online car appointment will not be achieved overnight, we need the government, enterprises and all sectors of society to form a co-governance situation, we work together, online car appointment will be able to build a good application of management and service.

Next, the government should strengthen supervision, promote the integration and development of governments at all levels, and promote the standardized, stable and orderly development of the taxi industry as a whole.