Douban 9.0 tells you what a good life is like.

 Douban 9.0 tells you what a good life is like.

Three years and three years, when will Season 5 of Sherlock be on the air?

It was probably the sense of omnipotence that attracted Holmes at first. It is such a detective image that transcends all ordinary minds and can solve all problems.

Those who have seen Shylock must be familiar with the Palace of Memory.

At the key point of reasoning, Shylock will enter the Palace of Memory and quickly invoke various kinds of chemical, historical, biological and anthropological memory to solve mysteries at the speed of stunning, rapid and obscure momentum.

Looks like a god. Does the Memory Palace really exist? Can ordinary people learn?

In fact, the Memory Palace really exists and can help you improve your memory efficiency.

The Memory Palace method utilizes two principles of memory:

Second, association and leaping in human memory and thinking are more powerful than direct memory.

Shylock believes that human brain is like an empty attic, and should be selectively loaded with some furniture.

In addition to Memory Palace method, there are associative memory method, graphical memory method and so on. As long as we master the correct training methods, memory can be improved through acquired training.

In this respect, one persons personal experience is particularly convincing. She is Luffy.

If youve seen the second season of The Strongest Brain, you should be impressed with her.

In two hours, she remembered 7376 pieces of 53 world classic oil paintings, including Star Moon Night and Notre Dame of the Ranch.

Completed tasks that seemed almost impossible to succeed. Shocked by Xu Jinglei and Tong Dawei, they became the masters at that time.

She can memorize a disrupted deck of cards in one minute, 100 irregular Arabic numerals in two minutes, 180 English words in one hour, and a whole moral Sutra in four days.

After she graduated from secondary school, she worked in many big cities, worked as a hotel receptionist, waitress, cleaning toilets and so on, often encountering other peoples white eyes and incomprehension.

During her working life, a job as a stenographer changed her life.

In 2008, she began her journey of learning memory with fast memory training.

Three years later, at the 20th World Mental Championship in 2011, she competed with 130 athletes from 17 countries, including China, Germany, Japan and Mongolia, successfully breaking through and becoming one of 16 world memory masters.

Having an unforgettable memory is like having an intelligent knowledge base, which can awaken our tremendous potential, because all knowledge is only memory.

Strong memory can be acquired through practice, with emphasis on thinking.

If she wanted to help more people, she began to develop a set of courses for everyone to develop their brain potential and improve their memory. She started her own business and opened her way to life in the future.

Now she comes to the Open Course of Netease to help you solve practical problems with her eight-year polished course.

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There is a common technique that emerged in ancient Greece two thousand and five hundred years ago and was later called the Palace of Memory.

Memory palace, in fact, is to construct the scene of thinking connection in the familiar space.

Build an imaginary building in your mind and fill it with images of what you want to remember.

The more crazy and absurd it is, the easier it is to remember the seemingly messy images.

In order to facilitate memory, in your mind deliberately created those exaggerated images, into a fun, thinking and creative fun.

From the most fundamental point of view, concentration can be remembered.

As long as we can find ways to transform information and experience into meaningful things, into things with causes and consequences, and associate with other complicated and trivial things in our minds, we can remember them successfully.

Sharing guests

Lu Fei Fei

The 20th World Brain Championship Master of World Memory

The Goddess of Memory in Season 2 of The Strongest Brain

Chairman of Beijing Huayiyun

Partner Member of Club Chunguangli, the Sexiest Venture Capital in the Galaxy

GrilUp Member of the Global Womens Entrepreneurship Society

Course characteristics

Chapter 12 Brain Potential Development Systems Course

Five Practices to Improve Memory

A total of 62 episodes

Over 700 minutes

Five Basic Memory Methods

Super associative memory

Digital Memory Method

Drawing Memory Method

Memory Palace Method

Mind Mapping

2. Practical: This set of memory methods has benefited millions of people, helping them pass all kinds of examinations, memorize words quickly, memorize information, improve the efficiency of time management and so on. Their wealth has more than tripled in the short term.

3. Vivid: According to the principle of brain memory, through interesting pictures imagination, association, homophonic and other ways to quickly transform information, through teacher Feifeis vivid explanation, you will surely be amazed at your memory.

You will get

Fast Memory + Various Abilities

Improve the efficiency of time management: 1 hour to complete the original 8 hours of work; at least 20 solutions to the same problem

Improve reading speed: read a book in 30 minutes and remember the core content; learn new knowledge faster and review and integrate old knowledge.

Improve the ability of creation and innovation: Visualize the process of thinking, change linear thinking into network thinking.

Improve the ability of observation and thinking: develop the right brain and make one brain into two; integrate all kinds of scattered wisdom and resources into a system.

course arrangement

Suitable for crowd

1. Poor memory: Ancient Chinese, a bunch of irregular numbers, facial blindness... Can easily break through!

2. Low working efficiency: Fast memory can achieve fast reading, improve time management efficiency, open thinking, explode creativity!

3. Learning effect is poor: Fast memory can cultivate a large number of fragmented learning, quickly form a systematic logic system, and master the most professional knowledge in a short time.

4. Assault exam: Fast memory can help you acquire the most advanced and effective learning methods, quickly absorb information and clear up the thread of thinking.

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