What a loser! Russia smelts World War II guns to build steps for churches

 What a loser! Russia smelts World War II guns to build steps for churches

Reference News Network reported on March 5 that on September 19, 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Patriot Park and attended the founding ceremony of the army church. The cathedral is scheduled to be completed in 2020 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the victory of the Patriotic War.

Putin attended the founding ceremony of the Army Church.

According to reports, in order to highlight the commemorative significance, Russia plans to melt a large number of German weapons seized during World War II to make steps and railings of the church. Each step will be inlaid with a metal plate made of molten weapons, and finally 1418 steps will be built, symbolizing the 1418 days of the Patriotic War.

German firearms from World War II in the arsenal of the Russian Rocket and Artillery Equipment Base.

The Russian Rocket and Artillery Equipment Base in Vladimir provided precious materials for this epic project, and its arsenal stockpiled a large number of German famous guns captured on the battlefield of World War II.

The Russian military invited the media to visit the armament treasure house. Mausser 98K, P08 pistol nicknamed Luo Guo Li Zi and MP40 submachine gun and MG42 machine gun, which appeared frequently in World War II movies and TV dramas, all kinds of German guns were coated with gun oil and wrapped in oil paper, and some of them were even sealed in lead. It is reported that most firearms can still be used normally.

Mauser 98K, the famous chicken eating artifact.

In the gun collection market, many of these good-looking treasures can sell sky-high prices. According to reports, pistols such as P08 and P38 can sell for thousands of dollars, while big guys like MG42 dont worry about buyers even if they offer tens of thousands of dollars.

The firearms here are well protected.

It is very creative to turn the weapons captured in World War II into church steps to commemorate the war of patriotism, and it can clearly express the profound meaning of Russias memory of past glory and hope for world peace. But casting 1418 steps and railings consumes tens of thousands of World War II classic firearms. For some firearms fans, it may be a famous gun is destroyed in the furnace, two lines of tears are shed by gun fans.

The pistol is being melted.

Source: Responsible Editor of Reference Message Network: Yao Wenguang_NN1682