Indian returning pilots were scanned to prevent implantation of eavesdropping devices

 Indian returning pilots were scanned to prevent implantation of eavesdropping devices

Global Times reported that special correspondent Wang Xiaoxiong, Hubofeng correspondent in India, quoted sources as saying on the 3rd that Indian pilot Abinadan Waltaman, released by Pakistan, had been mentally harassed by the Pakistani side. In response, many Indian netizens said that the media spread lies and hatred, which makes all Indians suffer from mental harassment.

The Times of India quoted sources as saying on March 3 that Waltaman said he had been detained in Pakistans ISI before his release. The ISI personnel did not torture him physically, but harassed his spirit in the hope of damaging his morale. Reported that Waltaman was delayed to be handed over to India because the ISI forced him to take videos praising the Pakistani army.

For this report, some Indian netizens in the social media called for Pakistani blood debt repayment. Some people say that the Modi government should show its determination to fight Pakistan with practical action. However, many netizens said that in any case, people came back safely and hoped that the media would stop this senseless speculation and not use this kind of confusing news to stir up differences between the two countries.

Indian security authorities have performed magnetic resonance scans of Waltaman to prevent his body from being implanted with wiretapping devices, the Indian International Asia News Agency said Thursday. No such device was found on the scan, but only a slight injury to his rib was found. A kind of

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