Why did Ramos elbow Messi disappear the referee: Barcelona captain in the fall!

 Why did Ramos elbow Messi disappear the referee: Barcelona captain in the fall!

Before the end of the first half of the national derby, Ramos finished the steal, while the left elbow hit Messi in the face, Messi immediately covered his face and fell to the ground. Judge Marienkos eyes were not blocked at this time, but he did not call Ramos foul, and the VAR referee did not remind him to punish Ramos. At the end of the first half, Barcelona players surrounded Marienko for comment. According to the World Sports Daily, Marienkos explanation was that Messi was wrestling!

Marienkos remarks made Barcelona players furious. Messi turned over the wound on the inside of her lip and showed Marienko that she had been beaten by Ramos on the elbow. But Marienko still did not impose additional penalties on Ramos, the only yellow card Ramos received in the second half because of a tactical foul blocking Messi.

At the Bernabeu, Messi led the team in 18 games and 11 wins over the past 10 years. The Argentine scored 15 goals and assisted seven times. But at the same time, Messi has also repeatedly encountered malicious fouls from Real Madrid players. It is amazing that none of the Real Madrid players who fouled against him maliciously deserved to be punished. Sports World asked angrily, Should Messi be beaten at the Bernabeu?

Apart from Ramos, Pepe and Marcelo have both maliciously injured Messi at the Bernabeu. During the Mourinho era, Pepe stepped on Messis fingers. Pepper first looked down at Messis finger position, then raised his head to pretend that he had no intention of stepping on it. In the 16/17 season, Marcelo hit Messi with one elbow at the Bernabeu and his mouth was bloody. Messis way of revenge was to score a double winner before the end.

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