Li Keqiang: Over the past year, we have accomplished the main objectives of economic and social development for the whole year.

 Li Keqiang: Over the past year, we have accomplished the main objectives of economic and social development for the whole year.

u2014u2014 Economic operation should be maintained in a reasonable range. GDP grew by 6.6%, exceeding 90 trillion yuan in total. The economic growth rate matches the physical indicators such as electricity consumption and freight transportation. Consumer prices rose by 2.1%. The balance of payments is basically balanced. New jobs were created in cities and towns by 13.61 million people, and the unemployment rate surveyed remained at a low level of about 5%. In large developing countries with a population of nearly 1.4 billion, it is essential to achieve full employment. u2014u2014 The economic structure has been continuously optimized. Consumption has further enhanced its role in stimulating economic growth. The contribution rate of service industry to economic growth is close to 60%. The growth rate of high-tech industry and equipment manufacturing industry is obviously faster than that of general industry, and agriculture reaps bumper harvest. Energy consumption per unit of GDP decreased by 3.1%. Quality and efficiency continue to improve. u2014u2014 New momentum for development is growing rapidly. Change No. 4 and other major scientific and technological innovations have come out one after another. Emerging industries are booming, while traditional industries are accelerating their transformation and upgrading. Mass entrepreneurship and innovation have been further promoted, with an average of more than 18,000 new enterprises set up every day and a total market body of more than 100 million. New momentum is profoundly changing the way of production and life and shaping Chinas new advantages in development.

u2014u2014 New breakthroughs have been made in reform and opening up. The reform of the State Council and local government institutions has been carried out smoothly. New steps have been taken in the reform of key areas. The negative list system of market access has been fully implemented. The reform of simplification and decentralization of government, combination of decentralization and optimization of services has been intensified, and the international ranking of business environment has risen substantially. All aspects of opening up have been expanded and important progress has been made in building the one belt and one road. The first China International Import Expo was successfully held and the Hainan Free Trade Experimental Zone was launched. The total import and export volume of goods exceeds 30 trillion yuan, and the actual use of foreign capital is 138.3 billion US dollars, ranking first among developing countries.

u2014u2014 The three major offensive battles started well. Preventing and resolving major risks, the macro leverage rate tends to be stable, and the overall financial operation is stable. Accurate poverty alleviation has been vigorously promoted. The number of poor people in rural areas has decreased by 13.86 million, and 2.8 million people have been relocated to poverty alleviation areas. Pollution control has been strengthened, the concentration of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) has continued to decline, and the construction of ecological civilization has achieved remarkable results.

u2014u2014 The peoples living standards have continued to improve. The per capita disposable income of residents increased by 6.5%. Increase the starting point of personal income tax and set up six special additional deductions. We will increase the security of basic old-age care and basic medical care, and subsidize nearly 100 million students with family difficulties in various schools. More than 6.2 million housing units in shanty towns and 1.9 million households in dangerous rural areas have been renovated. The living standards of urban and rural residents have been improved.

We wish Chongqing the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up, sum up the great achievements and valuable experience of reform and opening-up, solemnly declare our firm determination to carry out reform and opening-up in the new era, and encourage the people of all nationalities to continue their struggle and innovate in history.

Looking back on the past year, the results have not come easily. We are facing a deeply changing external environment. Economic globalization has suffered setbacks, multilateralism has been impacted, and international financial market shocks, especially Sino-US economic and trade frictions, have adversely affected the production, operation and market expectations of some enterprises. What we are facing is the severe challenge highlighted by the pains of economic transformation. New and old contradictions are intertwined, cyclical and structural problems are superimposed, and economic operation is stable, changing and worrying. We are facing a complex situation in which there are more and more dilemmas and difficulties. Achieving multiple objectives such as stable growth and risk prevention, accomplishing various tasks such as economic and social development, and dealing with current and long-term and other relations, makes policy decisions and work promotion more difficult. Through the joint efforts of the whole country, Chinas economic development is generally stable and steady in the high base, and the overall social situation remains stable. This shows once again that under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese people have the courage, wisdom and strength to overcome any difficulties and obstacles, and that Chinas development has no impending obstacles.