Kim Jong-un returned to Trump in Pyongyang late at night and suddenly told a secret.

 Kim Jong-un returned to Trump in Pyongyang late at night and suddenly told a secret.

Mountain, water, wind, rain and rain.

According to the news released in the morning of March 5 by KCNA:

Neighbouring countries are the strongest after 80, and his train arrived at Pyongyang Railway Station at 3:00 a.m. on March 5.

It was rather cold in Pyongyang in the early morning.

But according to KCNA, a large number of DPRK officials came to the station to greet him, and boys and girls presented flowers to him. Officials congratulated him and greeted him.

Photos published by KCNA at the same time showed that the post-80s had also inspected the honor guard on the platform.

It took him more than two days to leave Vietnam on March 2 and arrive in Pyongyang at 3 a.m. on March 4.

In these two days, his opponent, Trump after 40, has gone through two of the most difficult days of his life.

It should be said that Trump had high hopes for this second Turkey meeting.

According to Trumps idea, with his diplomatic ability and skill, this time he should be able to have a good time talking with the 80s. After lunch, the two sides signed an agreement, which is undoubtedly a major diplomatic breakthrough for him. Even if possible, the Nobel Peace Prize in his mind is not impossible.

You know, it didnt follow the script at all.

On February 28, the most critical day of the negotiations, the final working lunch was cancelled, the original contract was not signed, Trump and 80 were gone. So much so that the Korean stock market fell sharply, and Korean officials were stunned: we were as confused as the rest of the world.

Although international politics is full of variables, such dramatic events are rare in international diplomacy.

If it is Chinese, the business is not benevolent, even if the differences are serious, it is not too late to go after dinner. But Trump is Trump. I dont eat this lunch.

What exactly happened?

Trump said at the time: Sometimes you have to pull your legs and walk away. Now is the time.

In a word, he is the art of trading. If he exerts extreme pressure and the other party refuses to agree, then I turn my face and leave.

The situation is not so simple. Just before the post-80s arrived in China, Trump revealed on Twitter March 3 a real reason for the breakdown of the summit.

Trump said this:

During my very important nuclear summit with the DPRK, the Democrats held public hearings demanding the presence of a convicted liar and fraudster. This may have pushed American politics to a new low, or it may have been the reason why I left at that time. When the President is abroad, he must not do so! Shame!

Trump was angry, and a few points were clear:

1. The summit I held in Vietnam is very important to national security.

2. At this critical juncture, the Democrats held hearings against me, inviting a convicted liar and fraudster to slander me in various ways.

3. In this way, American politics has been brought to a new low by you. I am fighting hard in the front, but you are doing political liquidation in the back.

4. In the end, I had to leave. Its disgraceful for you to be so Americans favorite president.

In a word, why did you want to leave at that time? Youre doing so badly in the rear. Im not in the mood to talk about it. Of course, Trump deliberately said possibilities in order to avoid the other party finding fault.

Why not?

At that hearing, Cohen, a former lawyer for Trump, criticized Trump in almost all directions, saying that he was racist, liar and liar.

Because the content is too long, lets simply quote a few quotes from Cohen who scolded Trump.

Mr Trump is a mystery. Hes as complicated as I am. He has a good side and a bad side, just like all of us. But the bad is far better than the good. Since taking office, he has become the worst version of himself.

Mr Trump is a racist. The whole country saw Mr Trumps preference for white supremacists and prejudices. He also called some poor countries dung pits. Privately, hes worse.

During the campaign, Trump said he did not consider Vietnam veterans, prisoners of war, Senator John McCain a hero because he liked people who had not been captured. At the same time, however, Mr Trump charged me with dealing with the negative news surrounding his escape from the Vietnam War.

Mr. Trump claimed that it was because of bone spurs, but when I asked for medical records, he did not give me any records and said that no operation had been performed. He finally said, Do you think Im stupid? Im not going to Vietnam.

I think, ironically, President Trump, you are now in Vietnam...

Trump, indeed, was in Vietnam at that time, holding a summit after 80. In the words of the New York Times, Trump traveled thousands of miles to Hanoi, Vietnam, betting on self-styled master negotiation skills, actually putting his personal reputation in it.

Trump was so attentive, but in the rear, the House of Representatives invited this Cohen to carry out the old-fashioned liquidation of him. How can you distract Trump and keep the negotiations going smoothly?

So, after the breakdown of the summit, at the press conference at that time, Trump couldnt help but freak out: I couldnt watch too much because I was a little busy, but I think its really bad to choose to hold a false hearing like that during this very important summit...

A few days later, when Trump resumed the summit, it was estimated that the more he wanted to get angry, why did he fail? Blame these domestic politicians for pulling American politics to a new low, making him unable to concentrate at all, and eventually having to get up and leave, the summit broke up unhappy.

From this point of view, Trump is more grateful to Abe: Abe Sam is still a friend enough to nominate me for the Nobel Peace Prize and write the most exquisite five-page recommendation letter on his own initiative; but some people in the United States are all kinds of calculations, and pity my heart for the Nobel Prize, which is estimated to be yellow again.

If this is the case, in fact, it is even more painful for the post-80s generation.

In his position, this special journey took a green leather car, clattered back and forth for more than 120 hours, 120 hours, from the northern ice and snow, to the hot weather in the south, the idea is to cooperate with Trump, to reach a successful agreement, so hard and so hard, I never thought, because of this reason, Trump pulled out his legs and left people, things. Its stirring up these people...

What is this all about?

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Xun Jianguo_NN7379