The parents of the murderer who killed the stewardess appealed to the victims parents, who also said they would appeal.

 The parents of the murderer who killed the stewardess appealed to the victims parents, who also said they would appeal.

According to Peng Mei News, the Peoples Court of Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone issued civil judgment No. 2648 on February 18 (2018) of Yu0192 at the beginning of the Republic of China, which showed that Liu Mojun and Song Momou inherited Liu Zhenhuas property after Liu Zhenhua committed suicide and should compensate the plaintiff (Li Mingzhus parents) for death compensation and funeral expenses caused by Li Mingzhus death within the scope of inheritance. The losses totaled 626,688,860,000 yuan.

The judgment of the first trial pointed out that the court found that Liu had falsely signed an agreement with villagers that Liu Zhenhuas two resettlement houses had been sold cheaply for daily expenses at a price of 300,000 yuan, and was later identified as a fictitious sale of concealed property. In this regard, Liu Mojun said that only lies to pay off debts.

On March 4, Peng Mei News learned from the lawsuit entrusted agent of Liu Zhenhuas father, Liu Mojun, and Wang Pengyong of Henan Liangcheng Law Firm that Liu Mojun had submitted an appeal to Zhengzhou Intermediate Peoples Court. He believed that the court had awarded 620,000 damages to the parents of Li Mingzhu, the murdered stewardess, on the first trial. The verdict did not clarify the facts and requested that the verdict be changed or returned according to law. Retrial.

Liu Moujun said in his appeal that the first trial judgement determined that the Appellants Liu Moujun and Song Moumou inherited YuA82RU5 off-road vehicle and 120 square meters of housing and other property after Liu Zhenhua committed suicide. However, Liu Zhenhuas demolition and resettlement area is only 60 square meters per person, not 120 square meters.

Appellant Liu Moujun signed a demolition compensation agreement with Zhenggang Office of Xinzheng City in 2013. According to the content of the demolition compensation agreement, the three appellants, Liu Moujun, Song Moumou and Liu Zhenhuas family, according to the demolition policy, each had a demolition and resettlement area of 60 square meters, because the Appellants Liu Moujun and Song Moumou only had one son, according to the current Population and Relocation of Henan Province Article 31, paragraph 3, of the Family Planning Regulations stipulates that when economic benefits such as urban demolition and resettlement, migration and resettlement, new rural construction and resettlement, collective economic income, collective welfare and land expropriation compensation are allocated according to people, the only-child family shall have one more share, so far, the total compensation of the three appellant families shall be 240 square meters.

The appeal notes that the appellant is still living in the temporary resettlement area established by Cui Zhuang, Zhenggang office. The resettlement houses allocated in the demolition compensation agreement have not been completed and property certificates have not been processed. The only real property belonging to Liu Zhenhua is the share of 60 square meters of resettlement houses allocated by people. The 60-square-metre resettlement house rewarded by the preferential policy for the only child is the governments reward for the parents who choose to have only one child. The 60-square-metre resettlement house rewarded should be jointly owned by the appellant Liu Moujun and Song Moumou.

Liu Mojun said in his appeal that the court of first instance did not find out the facts clearly, directly identified the 120 square meters house under Liu Zhenhuas name, and found that the appellant inherited Liu Zhenhuas 120 square meters resettlement house, which belonged to the mistake of fact determination. The appellant requested the court of second instance to find out the facts, safeguard the fairness of the law, change the sentence according to law or send the case back to retrial.

On March 4, Xu Jing, the lawsuit agent for the murdered stewardess Li Mingzhus parents and Henan Zero Law Firm, also told Peng Mei News that Li Mingzhus parents had also decided to appeal.

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