American Auto Media: Teslas sudden sharp price cut seems too immature

 American Auto Media: Teslas sudden sharp price cut seems too immature

Netease Technologies News, March 5, according to foreign media reports, Tesla China recently announced a reduction in the price of its full-line electric vehicles, including Model 3 series price reduction of 26,000 to 44,000, ModelS price reduction of 11.3 million yuan to 277,500 yuan. The ModelX series lowered the price most, up to 340,000 yuan.

This move caused a great disturbance among Tesla owners. Electrek, the US automotive media, said Teslas pricing strategy made the electric car maker look like a layman in the industry, and the sudden huge price changes could not be explained only by the so-called adjustment of car sales to online sales.

Tesla used to advocate the idea that their pricing strategy was superior to those of the one-person-one-price ordinary dealers. They insist that each consumer gets the same quotation.

The fact is that users who buy Tesla cars at the same time get the same price.

Electrek says it fully understands why the owners are angry. They saw the value of their cars plummet overnight, not because Tesla introduced new features, but because the company suddenly decided to change its pricing structure almost without any explanation.

Electrek argues that while Tesla should try to lower the price of its own electric cars, it should lower prices in a more structured way, rather than sudden large-scale price adjustments. In addition, Tesla should better explain the reasons for the price reduction. Otherwise, a sharp price cut without any reason would only make the owners who recently bought Tesla feel cheated into spending more money.

Source: Responsible Editor of Netease Science and Technology Report: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541