Wus so-called magical voice-controlled baby carriage netizens teased Xie Nan as a master of pit children

 Wus so-called magical voice-controlled baby carriage netizens teased Xie Nan as a master of pit children

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Wus so-called variable voice baby carriage (source:)

Netease Entertainment reported on March 5 that on the evening of March 4, Xie Nan took a video of a couple of sons walking around on her micro-blog and said, Ill save a lot of energy later walking around! In the video, the youngest son is lying idly in the baby carriage. The baby carriage slides forward automatically. Xie Nan also added words to the video, calling it a magical voice-controlled baby carriage. Just when the netizens were wondering, Xie Nan revealed the answer for everyone. It turned out that his brother Wu was on his knees, crawling on the ground and dragging the baby carriage forward. Wu said that he also made a shy expression towards the mirror, which was very cute.

After the microblog was exposed, netizens gathered around and left messages saying, It really doesnt matter to my son! Kengwa, Hahanan is the best in this respect. I thought I saw some high-tech! Bao Wu said. Wus so-called cute, the response is also very gentle and shy.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Li Si_NBJ11322