Liu Junhao will participate in Produce 404.

 Liu Junhao will participate in Produce 404.

Liu Junhao

Netease Entertainment reported on March 5 that South Koreas most popular talent show Produce 404 was about to be broadcast. Earlier, it was announced that the representative of national producer would be actress Produce 404, and that the mentors were all familiar faces in the second season, including female rapper Cheetah as director of rap department, SG Wannabe lead singer Li Shuohun and YG vocal music teacher Shen You. Beauty will also serve as a singing instructor, and Quan Zaisheng will also serve as a dance teacher.

Subsequently, Liu Junhao, a member of UNIQ portfolio Cao Chengyan and Jin Shengzhu, will participate in Produce404, triggering a heated discussion among netizens.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Li Si_NBJ11322