Battle Nationality Womens Man Shop Fighting Bulls has been spotted by UFC Legend

 Battle Nationality Womens Man Shop Fighting Bulls has been spotted by UFC Legend

The CCTV video was shot in 2016 and recently turned over by Russian media.

In the video, a man standing in line bumps into another mans head on the refrigerator door, apparently drunk.

It doesnt seem like much.

The turning point began with the emergence of a strong woman.

Although the other bystanders could do little to help the victim, the woman seemed very excited, and suddenly rushed from behind to the man who hit him, with a sharp hammer in his face, which prevented the man from attacking.

Its not over yet.

After knocking out the attacker, the woman became even more excited!

She was caught in a screaming match between a Russian bully and a Russian bully: after a volley, a woman as a shop worker punched a man in the head and knocked him down with a perfect KO.

The onlookers were shocked to see the man lying on the floor struggling to stand up.

However, after conquering the unpleasant troublemaker, the woman calmly walked away and returned to her place of work.

The victim turned to shake hands with the Savior and thanked him.

Recently, this wonderful video of store fighting spread quickly on the Internet and attracted the attention of Martial Arts artist Till.

Till has set a record of 17-1-1 in professional MMA, ranking third in UFCs official ranking of middleweight boxers.

In the video, he commented on Play with feathers get yearset ickled.

Under Tillpos comments, some netizens cant wait to express their love for the girl.

I think Ive just fallen in love, wrote one of the netizens, speaking frankly about my love for a woman.

Welcome to Russia, quipped another Instagram user. Love from Russia.

Now the question is whether Till will recruit her at the next training camp.

Lets wait and see.

Source: Global Network Comprehensive Responsibility Editor: Li Xiaotian_NS6473