British boxing champions support for Ronaldos crazy diss: Its fuelling sexual violence

 British boxing champions support for Ronaldos crazy diss: Its fuelling sexual violence

Ronaldo was accused last year of raping a woman in 2009, and he himself issued a statement denying the charge.

Joshua publicly stated in the interview that Ronaldo was his hero, and that he remained smiling and strong after suffering a series of attacks on women and taxes.

Last year, a 34-year-old woman accused Ronald of raping herself in a Las Vegas hotel in 2009. Ronaldo denied the charges, but Las Vegas police issued a search warrant to Ronaldo in January based on his DNA. After that, Ronaldo denied the claim of another woman who claimed to be her ex-girlfriend. The woman said that Ronaldo was a madman and a man full of lies.

Earlier this year, the Juventus star was also forced to appear in public to settle some tax fraud fines. After receiving a $22 million fine and two yearsprobation, the Portuguese smiled at the crowd as he left the court and signed the fans who came to support him.

I often say that athletes are harassed by two things: damn women and damn taxes. And he was still smiling when he was hit by both of them at the same time. He was still so strong. The Telegraph reported Joshuas propaganda campaign ahead of his July encounter with Jarrel Miller, the Big Baby.

You need to be mentally strong enough, and he has proved that. He is a man who loves his family. He has won respect, but he is still working hard and devoting himself to his career. So as an athlete, he has a good balance between his love and family. He has accomplished all the challenges. Thats why I like him. Joshua spoke to Colossian endlessly.

Joshuas speech was strongly resented by Rape Crisis, a British charity, whose spokesman said it was inappropriate to joke or make any improper remarks about such sexual violence under any circumstances. Russell also adds that athletes, who may become public models, are more responsible for doing their part on issues that should not be underestimated.

Experience of sexual assault and drug abuse can have profound and lasting effects on the physical and mental health, life and interpersonal relationships of victims and survivors. As a social group, we need to give more sympathy and understanding to these issues, and at the same time give victims support, hope and deeper attention. Joshuas comments on the eve of the war were clearly out of date, and Rape Crisis, a charity, is gaining more support.

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