Yang Liweis Talk about Wandering the Earth: There are certain scientific bases to reflect the feelings of the country and the country

 Yang Liweis Talk about Wandering the Earth: There are certain scientific bases to reflect the feelings of the country and the country

@ Learning Legion News, the authoritative publishing platform of Chinas military current affairs news @Learning Legion News on March 4, this afternoon, the CCTV Special Program CCTV Living Room interview program invited a heavyweight guest - member of the CPPCC National Committee, Chinas first astronaut, space hero Yang Liwei.

What topics did Yang Liwei, the space hero, talk about in this talk show? The Legion has deliberately sorted out some interview points for you to read.

I. Yang Liweis Talk about Wandering the Earth

Although I didnt go to the cinema to watch the film, I paid attention to its many introductions. First of all, art and technology are interlinked to some extent. Science fiction literature and science fiction movies are based on science and have scientific basis. This sci-fi film, not to see the possibility of realizing the sci-fi plot in the film, is worth promoting only in the form of expression, because it can better lead the development of science and technology to give full play to human imagination space on the basis of science. I have also seen some space-themed films from other countries. I think Wandering Earth reflects a unique feeling of Chinese culture towards home, and also reflects the team spirit of Chinese people. I hope that more similar science fiction works will appear in the future.

2. Yang Liwei talks about the selection of the third batch of astronauts and looks forward to professional space journalists

Last year, the third batch of astronauts was selected, which is being carried out in accordance with the three-step plan of primary selection, re-selection and selection. At present, the primary selection has been basically completed. It is hoped that the candidates who enter the stage of re-election can actively prepare for the battle, meet the next challenge and achieve better results. Our countrys space station is actually an experimental platform. With the development of the national space industry, comrades from other industries will be able to work in the space station in the future. Last time Jing Haipeng and Comrade Chen Dong reported in space as special reporters, I think it would be better to replace them with professional journalists like Chen Xin. During these two days of meetings, many people also asked me about this topic, saying when can ordinary people fly? In fact, from our current technology, flying as an ordinary person is no longer a problem, but our resources are limited. In the future, with the development of our technology and the expansion of the whole project, more people are expected to participate.

3. Yang Liweis Comments on Chinas Manned Space Landing on the Moon and the Selection Conditions of Astronauts

Not long ago, our Change IV has achieved good results, and Change V may be launched this year, which is good news for Chinas space industry. Personally, I think that manned landing on the moon will be a good development direction in the future. Although the project has not yet been established, we are already making preparations, tackling key technical problems and deepening demonstration work. I think with this work going forward, we can expect to land on the moon in another ten years or so.

As for the selection of astronauts to the moon, we will establish different selection criteria for different missions. For example, the third batch of astronauts selected this time not only have pilots, but also have added engineers and load experts, whose selection criteria are different. As a lunar landing mission, astronauts not only need to complete the work of near-Earth space extravehicular, but also face the challenges of the moons gravity, environment and temperature. In that case, I think the requirements for astronauts will be higher and higher.

IV. Yang Liweis remarks on international cooperation in space industry

International cooperation is a major trend. Our countrys space industry development also benefits from our cooperation in many aspects. For example, Chinas Shenzhou-8 has cooperated with Germany in bio-incubator, and Shenzhou-11 has cooperated with France in medicine and so on. Now we are also working with the United Nations Division for Outer Space.

Last May, we issued an outline of cooperative projects in space industry, with 27 countries and 42 projects participating. Nearly 20 projects were selected. At present, we are organizing expert reviews, which also reflects the concept of win-win cooperation.

V. Yang Liweis Talk about Gap and Aerospace Spirit

From the point of view of the whole space project, some of our individual projects have come to the forefront of the world, but in the overall development, we still have a certain gap with some space powers. So, we astronauts have been working hard. Through our continuous efforts, we will move faster and faster towards the space powers or leading powers.

6. Yang Liwei responded to the problems of large input, low output and long distance from peoples livelihood and utilization of the space industry.

In fact, every time we fly in space, we will hear a lot of these voices, which has something to do with our propaganda work and popular science work. Space technology is not like planting a seed this year, it will germinate next year, you will see the harvest. But in fact, our common people are now inseparable from space technology, such as mobile communications, television signals, space food, space pharmaceuticals, and even baby urine wet, these technologies are inseparable from us. In recent years, from peoples livelihood to economic development, to science and technology, manned spaceflight has made a lot of contributions. When our space station is built in the future, more experiments will benefit the people. In this way, we will have a deeper understanding of what the development of space industry has brought us.

7. Yang Liwei talks about his goals for 2019 and sends messages to teenagers who dream of space

Everyone has their own goals every year. As an astronaut, I will continue to carry out astronaut training, keep in good condition, and meet the challenges of the next mission at any time. From the work point of view, I hope to be able to better complete the current work and do my part for Chinas space engineering.

For teenagers who want to fly into space, I would like to say that by strengthening their ideals and beliefs and inserting the wings of science, I hope you can fly higher and farther.

Source: Learning Legion Responsible Editor: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675