Men cheating on their father and pyramid selling for working on the construction site were both bosses on trial

 Men cheating on their father and pyramid selling for working on the construction site were both bosses on trial

Organize and lead pyramid marketing activities

Four heads are on trial

According to the law, the procuratorate of Baqiao District of Xian City found that four people, Gao Mouxun, Wang Mouqiao and Wang Moumao, of Tianshi Company, were detained by Baqiao Branch of Xian Public Security Bureau on April 14, 2018 on suspicion of organizing and leading pyramid selling activities. They were arrested on May 15, the same year with the approval of the Procuratorate of Baqiao District, and the next day by the Baqiao Branch of Xian Public Security Bureau.

In the court hearing, the prosecutor of the Baqiao District Procuratorate said that after legal review and investigation, in 2011, the defendant Gao Moufeng joined a pyramid marketing organization called Tianshi Company in Xian, and in the same year, the off-line defendants Gao Mouxun and Wang Mouqian joined the organization. In 2012, defendant Wang Mouqiao joined the organization. Thereafter, the four defendants actively carried out pyramid marketing activities in the textile city area, developed offline members in a pulling way, enticed participants to acquire entry qualification by purchasing 2,800 yuan virtual products and enticed participants to continue to develop othersparticipation. They formed a hierarchy according to a certain order. By the time of the case, the pyramid marketing organizations in which the four defendants belonged had developed to more than 30 participants in pyramid marketing activities. Among them, the total number of Gao Moufeng offline has reached more than 120 people, and the number of Gao Mouxun, Wang Mouqiao and Wang Moumao offline has reached more than 30 people, and the number of Gao Mouxun, Wang Mouqiao offline has reached the level of B boss.

On the ground of site work

Call Father for Pyramid Marketing

On the scene of the court hearing, four defendants confessed that the Tianshi Company pyramid marketing organization was divided into five levels: A, B, C, D and E. Most of the downline groups were friends and relatives. The members of the organization implemented the patriarchal system in their daily life. Parents are so-called C-level organization members. Every residence of the organization members will identify a parent who is responsible for the management of the downline members. Living and working arrangements.

According to A-level boss Gao Moufengs statement, Tianshi Company work arrangements are subject to superior Xue Mou (another case), a virtual product of 2800 yuan, no physical. Usually it is to teach the following people how to develop offline. If you want to do it, you should pay 2800 yuan to do it together, and you can leave anytime without doing it. Gao Moufeng said that the usual reason is to introduce work for the development of offline, the crowd is mostly acquaintances, the actual number of offline development of their own more than 120 people, Xue Mou identified as A-level boss.

It is understood that the defendant Wang Mocai and Wang Momao are father-son relations. According to Wang Mouqians statement, he let his father enter the pyramid marketing organization. At that time, it was not clear that this was a pyramid marketing organization, so he called his father to work on the construction site for the reason, and then he did this with his father. Wang Mouqian said that 65 offline or virtual products can be developed to reach B-level, their fathers and themselves are B-level members, and their money for offline development is given to Gao Moufeng.

Wang Moumao, the defendant, bowed his head and hesitated for a long time about his son cheating himself into pyramid selling organizations. Then he said that when his son Wang Mouqian called him over, he saw great changes in his sons spirit and personality. He himself followed suit and pulled his relatives off the line.

During the trial, each of the four defendants pleaded guilty and pleaded guilty. After a two-hour trial, the judge adjourned the trial and decided to adjudicate it.

Source: Yang Yi_NBJ10647, Responsible Editor of HuaShang Net-HuaShang Daily