Shenzhen Boeing 747 collided with a helicopter? Reporter: Video or from online games

 Shenzhen Boeing 747 collided with a helicopter? Reporter: Video or from online games

Recently, an animated simulation video of the Panic of Shenzhen Baoan Airport was circulated on the internet. It was widely known as Boeing 747 collided with helicopters, two left-wing engines caught fire and landed on the expressway. Many netizens have sought to verify their authenticity. Recently, such an accident really happened?

Reporter verification found that Shenzhen Baoan Airport recently did not have such a collision accident, the Internet legend is a rumor.

Reporters saw that the so-called panic scene animation simulation video was about 4.5 minutes long. A passenger plane with the words BOEING and 747 on its body took off from the airport. During the flight, its wings collided with another small helicopter-like flying object in the air. The airplanes wings caught fire and then landed on a highway.

After searching by reporters, no such accident has happened at Baoan Airport in Shenzhen recently. Reporters also found that on the Internet, there are also rumors that this animated simulation video is Qatar Airlines Boeing 747 full of 450 passengers, was hit by a UAV fire, the pilot calmly landed the aircraft on the highway. After verification, this statement is also made out of nothing.

Qatar Airlines Boeing 747 version.

So where exactly did this video come from? After comparing with several netizens, the video picture is very close to the style of a famous online game, and some netizens said, This is a game picture... The location of the game simulation is near Los Angeles and Southern California. Therefore, it is more likely that the online video comes from a well-known online game.

Its not the first time that a game simulation has been rumored to be a real aviation accident. In September last year, a 10-second thriller video of a passenger planes somersault in the air was also popular on the Internet. It was rumored that Capital Airlines made a successful landing at Shenzhen Baoan Airport due to mechanical failure. Thankfully, some passengers said they had lost their lives and would never fly again in this life....

Screens of videos circulated last year.

In fact, a few days before the video was circulated, that is, August 28, 2018, Capital Airlines did have a plane with suspected windshear, landing gear damage, and safe landing at Shenzhen Baoan Airport, but this lifelike 10-second thriller video certainly did not come from this standby landing. For the true source of this video, a number of netizens left messages indicating that it may also come from a certain online game.

Source: responsible editor of Nanguo Morning Post: Yang Yi_NBJ10647