Ivanka: Being the Presidents daughter is the hardest job in the world.

 Ivanka: Being the Presidents daughter is the hardest job in the world.


On Sunday, President Trumps daughter, White House adviser Ivanka, attended the annual media dinner at the Gridiron Club, saying that being the presidents daughter was the hardest job in the world.

According to the Washington Post, Ivanka joked at a dinner party that she had no time to write jokes because her father Trump decided to let her represent him that afternoon.

Last year, Trump attended the dinner in person, choking out the media, Democrats and even some of his own staff.

According to the taxi who attended the dinner, Ivanka suddenly turned to more than 700 guests and began to pour bitter water.

The media always seem to think that I was born with privileges ironically, that people are willing to do the work they are given, as if the Trump daughter is not the hardest work in the world, Ivanka said.

Nevertheless, Ivanka also said that Trump would regret missing out on this years dinner. Its a good opportunity to make fun of the media every year. For my father, its not easy for him to miss. For him, its like having a grill dinner every day.

The annual Grill Club Media Dinner is a rare gathering between rival U.S. government officials and the media in Pinsuri. At the dinner, everyone will put aside the usual controversy and eat happily together. However, in his first year in office, President Trump rarely willfully refused to attend a barbecue dinner, but he attended last years dinner.

Source: Cover News - Responsible Editor of West China Metropolitan Daily: Yang Yi_NBJ10647