Take a book for granted? Colleges and universities responded to the request that students carry backpacks in class.

 Take a book for granted? Colleges and universities responded to the request that students carry backpacks in class.

Recently, a piece entitled A University in Guangxi requires students to carry backpacks in class? School official: Take a book in class and feel like a fool in a fool. Video has become popular on the Internet. Some netizens questioned that the behavior was a compulsory requirement of the school, and it was difficult to implement. In response, the school issued a statement yesterday that it did not force students to wear school bags, but advocated the principle of nature and voluntariness from beginning to end.

In the video, Guangxi Ningxia College launched the schoolbag project, advocating I carry my backpack into the classroom, and let the students realize that backpack is not only a schoolbag, but also their dream. A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily saw on the official website that the summary of the work arrangement meeting of Nanning Colleges students at the beginning of spring semester in 2019 mentioned, Implementing theschoolbag projectto improve studentscomprehensive quality.

In the video, Nanning College students expressed different views on the new regulation. Some people think that it is improper to go to the classroom with a book in hand in class, and carrying a schoolbag can increase some sense of ritual. However, some people think that most of the college students are adults. This sense of ritual is only a formality, which can not achieve the real purpose of educating people, and it is also difficult to carry out for a long time.

Xiao Yu, a sophomore at Nanning College, told the Beijing Youth Daily that the school had no clear requirement on whether students need backpacks in class. The schools backpack project project was first communicated at the class meeting on February 24 this year. According to the regulations, students are required to carry backpacks in class, not books in their hands.

Xiaoyu said that studentsdaily courses are scattered. Sometimes half a day is a lesson. Its more troublesome to carry a schoolbag. So many people choose to take books and pens in their hands directly to the classroom.

Since the beginning of this semester, Nanning College has not forced students to carry backpacks into the classroom through inspection or punishment. Xiaoyu said that, except for those who had been carrying backpacks before, only some students have bought new backpacks to carry them, but more people have not changed much compared with before.

In response to this, Nanning College issued a statement yesterday, the school did not force students to wear school bags, from the beginning to the end are advocating the nature of voluntary principles.

According to the statement, the College decided to implement the schoolbag project in order to promote studentscorrect learning attitude, standardize learning behavior and cultivate good learning habits. The project includes advocating students to carry backpacks into the classroom, bringing together learning tools and materials, conducting activities such as reading articles, reading lectures, reading sharing and speech debates, and conducting activities such as Reading Star, Reading Dormitory and Reading Class.

In addition, the school said that the school advocated the implementation of the schoolbag project, some students mistakenly believe that the school will force students to wear schoolbags, causing online debate. The school hereby affirms that the project has been advocating the principle of nature and voluntariness from beginning to end. The school will continue to educate and guide students to return to their duties and study hard.

Source: Yang Yi_NBJ10647, Responsible Editor of Beijing Youth Daily