The drivers father appealed in the case of the flight attendants murder: the debt owed by more than 500,000 foreign debts is hard to cope with

 The drivers father appealed in the case of the flight attendants murder: the debt owed by more than 500,000 foreign debts is hard to cope with

BEIJING, MARCH 5, CHINA NEW NETWORK CLIENT (BEIJING) - In February this year, the first trial of the highly concerned Zhengzhou stewardess killed by a drop-by-drop windmill was decided. According to the verdict results, the parents of the defendant Liu Zhenhua, Liu Mojun and Song Mou need to compensate the plaintiffs Li Mou and Dong Mou (the parents of the victims) for various losses of more than 626,000 yuan.

On the 4th, CNN reporter learned from Liu Mojuns attorneys office that Liu Mojun believed that the inheritance of the resettlement house determined by the amount of compensation was inconsistent with the facts and submitted an appeal to the Peoples Court of Zhengzhou Airport District on the morning of the 4th.

DATA FIGURE: During the investigation of the flight attendant murder case, the police launched a search and salvage in Liu Zhenhuas diving place. Liu Peng photo

Final result of the first trial: parents of downwind drivers need to compensate 620,000 yuan

In the early morning of May 6, 2018, Zhengzhou stewardess killed by a drip-drip downwind once triggered a heated discussion among netizens.

In the early morning of May 6, Li Mingzhu, an airline stewardess from Yunnan, was killed by Liu Zhenhua, a downwind driver, when she took a drip-drip downwind train to the downtown area of Zhengzhou Airport District. Once the incident was reported, it triggered a heated debate among the public.

According to media reports, on February 18 this year, the Peoples Court of Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone delivered its first instance judgment in this case. The judgment shows that after the case, the plaintiffs Li Mou-mou and Dong Mou brought a lawsuit to the court, asking the court to order the defendants Liu Mou-jun and Song Mou-mou who inherited Liu Zhenhuas legacy to compensate for the total loss of 775,982 yuan.

According to the content of the judgment quoted by the media and the facts ascertained by the court, Liu Zhenhuas inheritance and inheritance civil rights mainly consist of a Jianghuai Ruifeng off-road vehicle (No. Yu A82RU5) and 120 square meters of housing allocated in the merged village and city. Liu and Song inherited the property after Liu Zhenhua committed suicide.

The judgment also indicated that within the scope of inheritance, the plaintiff should be compensated for the loss of death compensation, funeral expenses, transportation expenses, accommodation expenses and missed work expenses incurred by relatives in handling funeral matters, amounting to 6266.89.86 million yuan.

DATA FIGURE: After the accident, Liu Mouhua, located in Cuizhuang, Zhengzhou Port District, gathered a succession of media reporters in front of his family. Liu Peng photo

The defendant claimed that the award of compensation was inconsistent with the facts.

Faced with more than 620,000 yuan in compensation, Liu recently wrote that the amount of compensation should not be calculated according to 120 safe houses.

Recently, an online platform published an article marked Liu Zhenhuas Father, which stated: The court awarded me more than 600,000 yuan to their family, which is to compensate them for 120 safe houses. I dont think the plan is appropriate. The calculation of resettlement housing is 60 for each of the three people in our family, and only 60 for the one-child policy. I think its our husband and wife that should be replenished by the policy.

Liu Mojun, in an interview with the media before, mentioned in the judgment that Liu Zhenhuas legacy has two housing units, each of which is 60 square meters, which are included in the compensation. But Liu Mojun believes that one of them is because Liu Zhenhua is the only child to get more than one set, and the extra set should belong to Liu Mojun and his wife.

In this regard, Liu Moujun said: If the 60-level did not go away, we can still return more than half a million, this life is like this, after all, the son did something wrong, we also have responsibility. Now to appeal is to make this belongs to our 60 Ping do not want to compensate, not want to compensate, I am also very uncomfortable, more than 60 years old, my wife also needs me to take care of mental disorders.

However, according to the judgment reported by the media, Liu Mou-jun, holding the agreement signed with Liu Moubin, a villager, on March 9, 2018, said that under the pressure of his son Liu Zhenhua, Liu Zhenhua had sold Liu Zhenhuas two resettlement houses at a low price of 300,000 yuan for daily expenses. After the court summoned Liu Moubin according to law, Liu admitted that the purchase of Liu Zhenhuas two resettlement houses was not true, nor was it directed to him. Liu Mojun paid 300,000 yuan. Subsequently, Liu Mojun also admitted the fact that he fabricated the sale of houses and concealed property after the detection of Li Mingzhus murder.

In addition, according to Liu Mojuns description in the article, Liu Zhenhua had borrowed more than 500,000 yuan for car purchasing and other matters, which has not yet been paid off. At present, the whole family only depends on Liu Mojun to do odd jobs to support the family and pay back the money. The monthly salary is less than 3000, and the foreign debt of more than 500,000 yuan alone is hard to cope with.

Wang Pengyong, an attorney for Liu Mojun, told CNN that Liu Mojun had filed an appeal with the Peoples Court of Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone that morning.

Source: Responsible Editor of CNN: Yang Yi_NBJ10647