Mother crashes her son and fathers top bag in a car: Men always have to take more responsibility

 Mother crashes her son and fathers top bag in a car: Men always have to take more responsibility

In life, when driving, mistaking the throttle when braking into tragedy often occurs. Many times, it is often due to the drivers lack of skills or operating errors in a tense state.

Two days ago, in Jiaxing section of Shenjiahu Expressway, a female driver mistakenly braked the accelerator while driving and knocked her son down at the charging station in the service area. But at the critical moment of traffic police investigation and evidence collection, the husband of the female driver stepped forward and wanted to take more responsibility for his wife and take responsibility for the accident. However, the parents discussed everything, but did not think that the most honest child told the truth.

On the morning of March 2, the Yaozhuang Card Point Brigade of Jiaxing Branch of High Speed Traffic Police received an alarm. In the Jiashan Service Zone of Jiaxing-Huzhou Direction of Shenjiahu Expressway, a red new energy SUV accidentally knocked down the charging pile in the charging station and pressed it on the foot of a child.

The police rushed to the scene to deal with it. The accident occurred in the charging area of Jiashan service area of Shenjiahu Expressway. A red new energy SUV was parked in the charging station. The charging post was directly knocked down by the front of the SUV. A little boy was sitting in the back seat of the SUV. His trouser legs were broken. His mother was sitting beside him, a little anxious.

Who drives the car? The police asked the people on the SUV.

I... A man stepped out and handed his drivers license to the police.

The mans surname is Li. He told the police that the car was a family. He left Shanghai in the morning and wanted to take his son to Anji on the weekend. As this is a new energy vehicle, in case of emergency, Mr. Li wants to charge the service area, so he drives the car into the charging area of Jiashan service area of Shenjiahu high-speed. When the charging pile is not charged at the beginning, we want to try changing the charging pile next to it.

While listening to Mr. Lis explanation, the police came to the back of the car and asked the boy, How did the car hit you? Where does it hurt now?

The boys pants are worn out, cotton woolen pants can also see Yinyin blood stains, although injured, but very good, do not cry, said to traffic police maize, Mothers car at that time...

When the policeman listened, he immediately turned to his parents and asked them, Who is driving the car?

At this time, the mother sitting beside the boy could not sit down. She quickly handed the drivers license to the traffic police. It turned out that the drivers license of the boys mother was not long ago and was still in the internship period.

Childlike innocence, facing the facts, Mr. Li on the other side can only tell the truth. Originally, Mr. Lis wife, Mrs. Liu, got on the car and prepared to move the garage without much thought when the car was replacing the charging pile. But because Ms. Liu is still in the internship period, driving skills are not adept enough, several back and forth did not move the car in place. It was difficult to move to the charging pile quickly, but for a moment the accelerator was mistaken for a brake. It happened that the son playing in front of the car, together with the charging pile, was crushed to the ground.

Understanding the facts, the police criticized, Why should we conceal this fact in the first place? Besides, there are surveillance videos around them, which can clearly restore the truth. Being a parent is not as good as being a child at this point.

Mr. Li said helplessly, Men always have to take more responsibility!

However, such top bag responsibility is not a good example for children. Fortunately, Mr. Li has been driving for more than three years. Otherwise, Ms. Liu will not be able to drive alone at high speed during her internship, and she will be punished.

Highway traffic policemen warn drivers that they should be accompanied by drivers with driving age of more than three years during the internship period, otherwise they will be fined 20-200 yuan. In any case, do not stand at the front and rear of the car, as well as in the blind area of vision, in order to prevent casualties caused by out-of-control vehicles.

Source: Liable Editor of Zhejiang Online-Qianjiang Evening News: Yang Yi_NBJ10647