Half a century ago, my 98-year-old grandmother owed 10 yuan to pay back her money by hiking 3 kilometers in the rain

 Half a century ago, my 98-year-old grandmother owed 10 yuan to pay back her money by hiking 3 kilometers in the rain


A warm thought about repaying money

It is well known in Yanjia Village, Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province.

A 98-year-old grandmother in Wuzhen, concealing her children

Walking nearly three kilometers an hour in the rain

Send 1200 yuan to a carpenters house

Its just to pay back 10 dollars 50 years ago.

The picture shows Sun Xingbao (taken by Shen Lexun, Tongxiang today)

Ten dollars owed half a century ago

98-year-old grandma hiked three kilometers in the rain to pay back the money

Grandma Sun in our village is 98 years old and Uncle Zhang is over 60 years old. Two days ago, Grandma Sun walked three kilometers in the heavy rain and went to Master Zhangs house to pay back the unpaid wages half a century ago. Yan Jiale, a cadre of Yanjiacun Village in Wuzhen, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, told reporters that 50 years ago, Grandma Sun owed Uncle Zhang 10 yuan for her work. On that day, she came home in the rain and paid 1200 yuan.

Grandma Sun didnt know. In fact, people in the village passed it by word of mouth. The old lady was great. People forgot about her. She went to pay the money step by step in the rain.

Grandma Sun Xingbao, who lives alone in a low house in Yanjia Village, died early. Sun Xingbao has four sons and one daughter. Two of them have died. The rest of the children are old and live in the village. They usually take care of the old people.

Fifty years ago, Grandma Sun was in charge of the family. When her eldest son got married that year, she invited Zhang Falin, a carpenter from the village, to make furniture.

At that time, the family was poor. When I couldnt get out the money, I owed it....................................... Grandma Sun said slowly........................... Their family hasnt come to discuss it. Fifty years have passed...

I dont know what touched Grandma Sun. Suddenly she remembered that the money had not been paid so far, and she was restless day by day.

If you owe money, you must pay it back. You cant Miss anybody else at all.

Fifty years ago, woodworking money, you do not dislike it.

When couples look at it, 120 times

On February day, it rained all the time outside the house, and it was bitterly cold. As the eaves dripped down, Grandma Sun watched the wet muddy ground, wrapped in cotton-padded clothes, scarves, threadcaps and crutches, and went out. She was stumbling with the pension she had just withdrawn from the bank yesterday in her pocket.

The picture shows Sun Xingbao (taken by Shen Lexun)

Its not long, but within a few miles, adults walk for only 20 minutes, and she walks for an hour.

Grandma Suns door surprised Zhang Falin and his wife. The old man was too old to hear and speak properly. Zhang Falins wife asked him for a while before she could figure out what was going on.

I owe you the woodworkers money before. Here it is. You hate it. Grandma Sun explained the intention and handed over 1200 yuan.

Zhang Shi was shocked, hurried forward and pushed back carefully. I cant take this, you keep it at home!

Grandma Sun was also anxious when she saw the other party insisting on refusing, You dont let me sleep. Why dont you ask for it? Its like helping me with a wish...

Zhang pushed aside several times and finally accepted the idea.

Grandma Sun went home with her pants and shoes soaked through.

This idea is far more precious than money.

On that day, Zhang Falin and his wife had mixed feelings: I really cant imagine it.

The picture shows Zhang Falin (taken by Shen Lexun)

Zhang Falin began to work as a carpenter in his 10s and is well-known in the area. I remember working for about one dollar and eight dollars. I cant remember what I did at her house for a long time. Over the years, I have become an old man myself. Zhang Falin said that in that poor and white age, everyone was not well off, and it was common to build houses on credit. After all, all of them are the same village, and I am embarrassed to rush home.

In the past 50 years, Zhang Falin had never talked to Grandma Sun about paying back the money. At that time, if he didnt, it would be enough.

When Sun Jianying saw her mother back that day, her trousers and shoes were all soaked in water, and she was wet and panicked. Later, I learned that my mother had walked to pay back the money without telling her, On rainy days, she walked for three hours at a time.

Sun Jianying said that her mother usually takes medicine, but her bones and muscles are good, and she buys vegetables and cooks her own meals. When she asked Grandma Sun why she had to pay 1200 yuan, she heard it four or five times, and finally heard it clearly. She tried hard to ask back, but the person who asked seemed confused -- Now the wages are not all up!

After 50 years, the old mans behavior is awesome when he takes the initiative to repay his debts a hundred times. Nobody has ever calculated whether 1200 yuan is more or less than 10 yuan in that year.

In short, this intention is much more precious than money.

Source: Yang Yi_NBJ10647, Responsible Editor of Hangzhou Daily