Thorn Lawson: Its not attributable to the lack of ball rights. Its instigated by a local artillery to pack bags in advance.

 Thorn Lawson: Its not attributable to the lack of ball rights. Its instigated by a local artillery to pack bags in advance.

When the former NBA stinger returned to CBA and Shandong again, it seemed to be steadier and steadier, moving along the fast lane with the team, and no bad image of the public.

Lawsons Strong Return

Finally, Shandong chose Lawson, who played for their team last season.

In mid-December last year, Goodlock, a small foreign aid, hit his knee in the Shandong teams away defeat against Jiangsu, and fell to the ground in pain. He was then lifted on a stretcher and fixed to a local hospital in Suzhou for examination. The results showed that Goodlocks patellar ligament was torn and he had been resting for at least three to four months, which meant that the foreign defender was reimbursed for the season. Shandong immediately opened the exchange of foreign aid procedures, and soon finalized Lawsons return.

Lawson made his mark in the Nuggets

Lawsons role in Shandong last season is obvious to all. In the history of Shandong Mens Basketball Team, Lawson is one of the smallest foreign players with the strongest individual ability, and is also one of the few CBA foreign players who can play in the NBA for a long time. In the 2009 NBA draft, he was picked by Timberwolves in the 18th place in the first round, then traded to Denver Nuggets, where he grew up as the teams main guard and core player. At its peak, Lawson averaged 35.8 minutes per game in the 2013-14 season, contributing 17.6 points and 8.8 assists per game, which is already the contribution of the first-class NBA guards. He averaged 25.1 minutes at Kings Stadium in the 2016-17 season, as well as 9.9 points and 4.8 assists per game. However, due to frequent violations of laws and regulations outside the field, lack of self-discipline, and difficult to get along with others in the team, he gradually came to the edge of the league and began to test water in CBA.

Last season, Lawson averaged 25.5 points, 6.5 assists and 4.5 rebounds in Shandong Team, with a two-point shooting rate of 62% and a three-point shooting rate of 40%. Especially in the regular season match against Tianjin Team, Lawson roared 55 points and made four surprises. He and Ding Yanyuhang, Motayunas constitute the teams troika, the team into the playoffs four, and eventually lost in the semi-final 3-4 in Guangxia, Zhejiang, failed to qualify for the finals.

Last season, Guangzhou lost to the finals.

The playoffs were very close. It was my first year and close to the finals. The game became very difficult at that time. In Game 7, Ding Yanyuhang was injured. We had to deal with the difficulties from the injuries. Overall, we played a good year, and if we were well-staffed, we might have reached the finals. Lawson told Netease Sports that he was satisfied with the teams overall performance and that he was not dissatisfied with his personal performance. I think I played well last year. It was the first time that I played in CBA. In different competitions, the referees decision and the degree of confrontation on the court had to be adapted.

After returning midway this season, Lawsons performance is still eye-catching. He has delivered 25.5 points and 9.3 assists in 17 matches so far. He has also improved his teams performance obviously. Shandong team won 14 and lost 4 in this period, and the result has risen to the eighth place of CBA. The club is in the eye and happy in the heart. Ji Minshan, general manager of Shandong Team, commented: After all, Lawson is an NBA player, very professional, and the performance on the court has met our expectations. At the technical level, it plays a series role of needle-threading, and its attack power is not weak. We used to have few players in some positions, but through his series, breakthroughs and assists, the number of shots increased.

Tigers in Thailand

Lawson was also delighted that his teammates around him had become stronger. Everyone has become better, and you can clearly feel that they practiced very carefully in the summer and made progress. His life in Shandong has become comfortable. In the first year of last year, he was in an all-round process of adaptation. Now he is familiar with the surroundings, dining halls and shopping supermarkets. He has several friends and his girlfriend has come to accompany him deliberately. During the last stage of the National Team window break, they went to Thailand on vacation together and had a lot of fun. Its fun to go sightseeing with friends and experience different cultures and food. Its very interesting. More time, Lawsons house is in his usual Hotel room, watching TV and Netflix on the Internet.

Suddenly, Lawson has become the leader of the team. He said he needed to do more than last season. Play my energy, play at both ends of the offense and defense, get the ball, hit the three-second zone, and let everyone in the team get involved in the system. This season, I need more, more opportunities, thats what I need to do now.

o a sophisticated person there is nothing new under the sun

On the morning of the Guangxia match in Zhejiang Province, Shandong Team held training in Xiwang Stadium to prepare for the evening match. Lawson, who had just reached the footsteps of the East Gate, was ready to warm up and was stopped by some enthusiastic Shandong fans. Lawson was patient, smiled and took pictures to make the fans happy.

Lawson is the favorite of fans

Six months ago, it was hard to imagine this happening. Just last summer, Lawson was considered hopeless to return. Shandong team also signed Goodlock, a defender who had played in Xinjiang. Outside public opinion also criticized Lawson a lot, accusing him of playing big names and not professionally, not respecting Shandong team and fans.

There are two main sources of criticism. First, during the Spring Festival last year, there were more than 20 days between the CBA regular season and the playoffs. Lawson returned to his home country for vacation, but he did not return until the time of negotiation was delayed. Finally, it was delayed by the clubs repeated contacts and persuasion. It is reported that Shandong team in the original contract to Lawson wage increase, so that the latter finally nodded to agree to go back. Also, in the last two semi-finals of last years playoffs, Lawson packed four suitcases in advance and took them to Hangzhou when Shandong Team got the match point 3-2. The next day after losing, Lawson made a direct diversion to Shanghai and flew to the United States to represent the Washington Wizards in the NBA playoffs. Among them, Lawson showed great prestige in Game 4 and Game 5 of Guangzhou Mansion playoffs to help the team get the match point. But in the seventh game of life and death, he was out of order, only got 14 points, and made frequent mistakes in the last minute. He was repeatedly attacked by Guangzhou and Xiamen. Many people think that Lawson is intentionally losing the game in Shandong because of his arrow of heart, so that he can catch up with the Wizards in the playoffs.

Last season, Guangzhou and Xiamen returned to the United States to join the Wizards immediately after losing seven games.

Lawson is not satisfied with the lack of ball rights last season

Lawsons post-season intentional defeat hat is not fair. First of all, it is reported that Lawson packed his luggage in advance to Hangzhou is not his personal idea, but the instigation of a local player. Secondly, as a professional player, it is normal to have ups and downs, not to mention the pressure of the Seventh World War. Speaking of Lawsons secretive Chen Cang, he had talked with the Wizards in private, but in his own opinion, he had contacted the NBA team, Shandong team had already learned, he did everything in the open. At that time, the Wizards and other NBA teams were watching me, hoping that I would go to play in the playoffs when I was ready. After losing to Guang Xia and still in the dressing room, they contacted my agent, hoping that I would go to the team immediately and play the playoffs immediately, so I went to Washington, D.C. the next day. Lawson explained.

Lawsons return, many people for Shandong team pinch sweat, said that the stinger twice hurt the team, this return will not be another farce. Lawson himself was calm. He said, I was at home and kept training. Then I got a call from Shandong and I was very excited. During this process, I discussed a lot with the players, the general manager and others, who confirmed that they wanted me to come back and make it happen. According to Ji Minshan, general manager of Shandong Team, they are not worried about this. We have no worries. Since we believe he signed it, he has a strong desire to play. He is a very professional player. Of course, he has his own ideas, personal style of dealing with things is different, and there are differences and obstacles in culture, customs, language and so on. The key to the problem is what to do with him. From the present point of view, our effect has been achieved, and he has also met our management requirements.

Last season, Lawson in Tianjin cut 55 points hard to stop losing.

Perhaps, as Ji Minshan said, some of the obstacles on both sides are due to cultural differences. It is said that Shandong team deliberately lost in Tianjin last season in the final round of the regular season, so as to avoid strong Xinjiang in the first round of the playoffs. But Lawson disagreed, believing that the game was going to be a real fight, and he had an argument with a local player about it.

Labor Model Group Strongly Promotes the Team

Motayunas regretted not being able to successfully lobby Lawson to renew his contract with the team last summer, but when Lawson scored twice and returned to Shandong again, he was delighted. Yes, I tried to convince him to come back. We had a great season and had a good chemical reaction. However, the team has signed Andrew (Goodlock) and we are trying to work together to help the team. Unfortunately, Andrew is injured and the team has to make a change to let Ty come back. So we can do what we were able to do last season together.

Labor model combination leads the team to the right track

Last season, Shandong was brought into the model worker group of the four playoff finals, and now the team is strongly promoted again. Before Goodlock was injured, Motayunas fell because of his injury. Small foreign aid was hard to support. At one time, he was defeated five times in a row. Shandong fell to the tenth place. It was bitter and bitter for a while. After the collapse of the two foreign aid groups, Shandong was even more troubled. But after Lawsons return and Motais return, the pair, which had a high degree of understanding last season, quickly found a feeling. The two men averaged 52.5 points, 13.4 assists and 18.6 rebounds per game, with amazing power. The team won 14-4 in their 18 games, and Shandong ranked eighth.

Compared with the former pitcher guard Goodlock, the typical guard Lawson and his partner, more suitable for Mottys appetite. He made my job easier. He was a real point guard, and Andrew was a pitcher before. After he came, I didnt need to control a lot of balls and do something I did before. I started to really play my own style of basketball, the game became easier, he also helped the team, improve the teams performance. Im very happy. We know each other, we can create opportunities for each other and we are happy to share the ball, said Motai. We can all score goals, create opportunities for each other, and make me enjoy it very much because he knows where to pass and create opportunities for you.

Lawson has taken on more this season.

Lawson said that when he played for the Rockets in the 2015-16 season, he knew something about Mottys style and technical characteristics, so he cooperated with him very pertinently. I just wanted him to become easy on the court, let him take the ball in the right position, let him play jump hook very comfortably. He did the same thing and helped me play on the court. He fed me the ball when I was empty. Together, we were able to play well in the block.

Last season, Shandong Team had Ding Yanyuhang, who won MVP for two consecutive years, and the Troika. But now Ding Yanyuhang has gone to the United States for further study, and Shandong Teams main beam is left with the model worker combination. Lawson said Ding Yanyuhang was absent, and he and Motayunas would be the first to stand out. Ding made it easy for everyone on the team to play. He could cut 26 or 27 points per game. His absence had a great impact on the team. I, Motte and others need to fill this vacancy. Moreover, he is a very good game controller, can create good opportunities for teammates, is a very special player, in this respect we need to do more to make up for his loss.

Lawson enjoyed himself in Shandong this season.

The regular season is coming to an end, the playoffs are coming soon, and model worker is also the biggest expectation. Now the goal is to get the highest ranking in the playoffs, the higher the better. Now we are ranked eighth, two or three games behind the seventh in Fujian, which is more difficult to catch up with. We just want to win as many games as possible and prepare for the playoffs. Lawson said. Source: Netease Sports Author: Zhang Qiang Liable Editor: Zhao Huanyu_NBJ10043

The regular season is coming to an end, the playoffs are coming soon, and model worker is also the biggest expectation. Now the goal is to get the highest ranking in the playoffs, the higher the better. Now we are ranked eighth, two or three games behind the seventh in Fujian, which is more difficult to catch up with. We just want to win as many games as possible and prepare for the playoffs. Lawson said.