Longevity Secret Books? 92-year-old Grandpa Roller Skating 98-year-old Grandma Drinks Coke

 Longevity Secret Books? 92-year-old Grandpa Roller Skating 98-year-old Grandma Drinks Coke

Many people think that

The old man is getting old.

Be careful everywhere.

But today

Xiaobei will take you to know two people.

Old people over 90 years old

The Way of Life

You cant imagine it.

Grandpa, 92, loves roller skating

The Secret Book of Longevity is Sports

In a park in Shenyang, there are a group of old friends who love roller skating, each of them is very strong. But there is a grandfather Liu Guangshan, who is 92 years old. His legs and feet are no worse than those of young people.

Liu Guangshan: One of the retirees who retired with me is a good skater. Ill learn from him. When I retired and started my own clinic, I also learned to roller skate.

Grandpa Liu Guangshan had broken three times because of roller skating, but this did not stop him. Keeping on roller skating for 20 years makes people enviable for their good health. Grandpa Liu said that without special maintenance, we cant do without sports.

Grandma, 98, eats food

My favorite hotpot and coke

Recently, a 98-year-old grandmother in Chengdu, Sichuan, was also on fire. Grandma likes hot pot and coke best, not spicy, not oily things, do not like to eat, dry dishes, millet spicy dipping materials are also not refused. Granddaughter once asked her what her New Years wishes were. The old lady said she wanted to eat well and play well and eat fragrance. Her granddaughter posted her videos on the Internet, which won praise from many netizens.

Grandma was very young. Once she ate hamburgers too quickly and her dentures fell out. When I lie in the clinic and change my denture, I still remember that if I want to eat hot pot after the change, I must check the quality of the denture by ordering a tray of fur belly.

Grandma is a traditional Chinese medicine, the secret of longevity is that the mind must be good, do not care, especially in eating, that must not care.

Grandma: Were going to have lunch at noon. Its sweet. Its not good to eat too much. Its not good to eat too much. Were all very old people. Whatever he is.

Long life is a blessing.

What is more enviable is that

Both the old men found it.

Suitable for your lifestyle

Although others

Not necessarily able to emulate

But in their secret of longevity

One thing is most important.

That is

Good attitude

May we all be like Grandpa and Grandma

Have a good mentality

Happiness and longevity

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