The family members of the suspect in the case of stewardess murder appeal for compensation to the victims house

 The family members of the suspect in the case of stewardess murder appeal for compensation to the victims house

The family members of the suspect in the flight attendant murder case were awarded 620,000 compensation in the New Beijing News. Today (March 4), the suspects father, Liu Guojun, filed an appeal with the Peoples Court of Zhengzhou Airport District on the grounds that the suspects legacy was determined to be objectionable. In addition, due to the appellants family difficulties, he applied to the Zhengzhou Intermediate Court for deferred payment of litigation fees.

The content of the appeal.

This afternoon, Wang Pengyong, Liu Guojuns attorney, told the Beijing News that the court of first instance had not ascertained the facts clearly and directly decided that the 120 square meters resettlement house under Liu Zhenhuas name was inherited by Liu Guojun, which was a mistake in fact determination.

According to a civil appeal obtained by a reporter of the Beijing News, Liu Guojun signed a compensation agreement for demolition with Zhenggang office in Xinzheng City in 2013. Liu Guojun, Song Moumou and Liu Zhenhuas family are three people, each of whom is divided into 60 square meters of resettlement area, because Liu Guojun and Song Moumou only have one son of Liu Zhenhua. According to the current Regulations on Population and Family Planning in Henan Province, one-child families have more than one share. So far, the total compensation of the three persons is 240 square meters.

At present, the appellant still lives in the temporary resettlement area of Zhenggang office. The resettlement house allocated in the demolition compensation agreement has not been completed, nor has it handled the real estate certificate and other matters. Only 60 square meters of resettlement house share truly belongs to Liu Zhenhuas property. The 60 square meters resettlement house rewarded by the policy shall be jointly owned by the appellant Liu Guojun and Song Mou.

To sum up, the appellant requests the court of second instance to find out the facts, change the judgment according to law or send the case back for retrial.

Source: Wang Zheng_N7526, responsible editor of Beijing News