Golden earrings were replaced with old ones by 2.76g fewer stores: customers volunteered to replace them

 Golden earrings were replaced with old ones by 2.76g fewer stores: customers volunteered to replace them

Gold loses its luster after wearing it for a long time

It can even be damaged.

Some people think about it.

Do you want to replace your gold jewelry with a new one?

And a lot of jewellery stores have also hit out.

Attract consumers with the slogan of replace the old with the new

Ms. Wu of Wuhan, Hubei recently

Attracted by a jewelry stores proposal of changing the old for the new

Replace your gold earrings with new ones

But then Ms. Wu and her son

I dont feel right in any way.

Did you run into a routine?

Gold jewelry replaces old with new

The lighter the weight, the lower the gold content.

Mr. Hu, a citizen, introduced that during the Spring Festival, when he returned to Huangpis hometown, he found that his mother, Ms. Wu, had worn a pair of old gold earrings for 20 years and had replaced them with a pair of small gold earrings. After careful inquiry, he learned that when his mother accompanied her neighbour to the love jewelry and earrings on Banqiao Avenue, Qianchuan Street, Huangpi District, he participated in the activity of replacing old ones with new ones under the persuasion of a shopper.

The salesman first said that the earrings were old and black, so he could help my mother clean them. Mr. Hu said that he later claimed that the earrings were going to be broken and that the store could replace them with old ones free of charge.

Mother thought the new one was the same as the old one and agreed to change it. The so-called old for new is to convert the used goods into a certain amount according to the weight and the price of the day, which is used to buy products at the merchants counter.

However, Mr. Hu was very puzzled after seeing the after-sales service list of the jewelry store. The original earrings were thousands of feet of gold, containing 99.9% of the gold. The price difference of 14 yuan was replaced by 22 K gold earrings with 91.6% of the gold. But the gold content of the new earrings is obviously not as good as that of the old ones, and the weight of the new earrings is not as good as that of the old ones. Mr. Hu said that the old earrings were bought 20 years ago, when he was still in love with his wife, who bought them to his mother at the New World Jewelry Store in Wuchangsi Gate. Although the shape is ordinary, but it looks like a stable atmosphere, looks like leek leaves, or the popular gold. After taking it home, my mother liked it very much and only wore it when visiting relatives and friends.

Mr. Hu doubted the stores way of guiding purchase and promotion. At the same time, he felt that the exchange was not equivalent, and his mother regretted it afterwards.

For this reason, Mr. Hu found a business to communicate, and talked unhappily.

The store said that customers would change voluntarily.

The value of gold ornaments should not be based solely on weight

According to the after-sales service sheet provided by Mr. Hu, the reporter saw that the old earrings were thousand feet gold 999, the label price was 1284 yuan, and the gold 916 earrings were 1298 yuan.

Industry insiders say that there is an 8.3% difference in gold content between thousand feet gold and 916 gold.

The store revealed that the old earrings were weighed at 4.28g on the same day, and the gold price was 289 yuan per gram on that day, which increased to 300 yuan per gram for customers.

Mr. Hu said the label was long gone, but he remembered that Earrings should weigh more than 4.28 grams. According to the bar code of gold 916 earrings, the reporter inquired at the quality supervision and inspection station of gold and silver ornaments in Hubei Province and found that the total quality of gold and silver ornaments was only 1.52 grams. The difference between the two is 2.76 grams, for consumers, this exchange is bound to lose! Mr. Hu is not satisfied with the store activities.

The person in charge of the jewelry store introduced that there was no cheating on the elderly. Nowadays, many jewelry stores have this activity of replacing the old with the new. The principle of replacing the new is to replace the old with the new products of the same value according to the value of the old products. If there is a price difference, they can make up for it. After the introduction of the guide, the customers themselves volunteered to participate in the activities. 20 years ago, the market was popular with thousands of gold, and now the jewelry industry mainly sells gold 916, which has made progress in technology compared with the past. Although the gold content is a little lower, it not only keeps value, but also has a high technological value. We can not see whether it is equivalent in terms of grams, but also consider its overall value.

In response to Mr. Hus appeal for the replacement of old earrings, the store said that after recycling, used goods are usually sent to the factory, melted into new products and sold back to the counter. Mr. Hu offered to replace it several days later, when his mothers old Earrings had melted. Reporters have reported the incident to the customer service and market supervision and administration of jewelry stores. After coordination, the store and Mr. Hu communicated and agreed to replace the gold 916 with other equivalent foot gold jewelry, but he needed to pay more than 100 yuan of depreciation fee.

Mr. Hu rejected the proposal. He said it would be meaningless for him to replace the old earrings with other new ones. He wishes to remind consumers to think carefully before replacing the old with the new, and the elderly should consult with their children.

Miss Wus Experience

Many Netizens feel that she has been pitted.

Source: Xiao Qi_N6799, responsible editor of Peninsula Morning Post