Whats the matter? The son dragged his father into pyramid selling, but his father said, Im very touched.

 Whats the matter? The son dragged his father into pyramid selling, but his father said, Im very touched.

Wang Mou said before to find a job for his father to do decoration

That sounds good.

But when they come, they dont work.

Study all day

Theyre called Tianshi Human Resources Network there.

Father Wang Moumao feels good.

But the son told the prosecutor

Actually its pyramid selling.

Today, the Criminal Tribunal of the Peoples Court of Baqiao District of Xian openly heard the case of Wang Mous father and son pyramid selling. According to Wang Mou, he introduced his father to the pyramid sales organization for the reason of introducing his job to him.

Therefore, the father and son joined a pyramid marketing organization which had been carrying out activities in Xian Textile City for a long time, and then brought other relatives into the family.

Talk about why you are deeply involved in pyramid marketing organizations

Wang Moumao, 54, speaks amazingly

Wang Moumao: After joining this organization, there is a new experience, can feel their personality is respected, then moved.

According to his son Wang Mou, the pyramid marketing organization is divided into five levels, making money by developing offline, and Wang Mou belongs to the second level - B level.

In addition to the two fathers and sons, this morning, the defendants of the criminal trial court of the Baqiao District Peoples Court of Xian City, as well as their online Gao, he is the highest A-level leader in the pyramid marketing organization, his offline has totaled up to 120 people.

And unlike previous pyramid organizations,

Gao Mou, they use a kind of name.

A New Patriarchal Model

Layer Management Offline

Gao Moufeng, the defendant, said, There are several people living in a family, and one parent is in charge of the management. The main responsibility of parents is to take charge of some work arrangements in their lives and in peacetime.

A certain number of pyramid salesmen form a family

Each family is managed by another parent.

Families are scattered by telephone to communicate.

In this regard, the public prosecution accused four people of illegal acts, constituting the crime of organizing and leading pyramid selling activities.

Public prosecutor: The defendant Gao Moufengs legal term of imprisonment is more than five years and fines, because he pleaded guilty and pleaded guilty to punishment. It is suggested that he be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment in four years, ten months to six years and less than ten months, and fined.

In addition, three other defendants were sentenced within the range of six months to three years a year.

Wang Xu, President of the Criminal Trial Chamber of the Peoples Court of Baqiao District, Xian City, reminds us that:

The staff of pyramid marketing organizations are all aiming at making a fortune overnight and getting something for nothing. On the occasion of 315, through this case, we hope that the broad masses will shine their eyes and prevent being deceived.

Source: Xiao Qi_N6799, Responsible Editor of Shaanxi Urban Express