Women go to school for their children and ask police male netizens to find a relationship with each other and say, Open a room first.

 Women go to school for their children and ask police male netizens to find a relationship with each other and say, Open a room first.

Xiao Wang has been working hard for nearly ten years in Xian. Her eldest daughter is 7 years old and has been studying in elementary school. But now she has been living in her hometown in Hebei Province and her grandparents.

In December 2018, Xiao Wang went to the nearest primary school to get her daughter to school, but the schools response quota was full.

Worried about her daughters difficulty in school

Xiao Wang met one on his mobile phone.

A man who claims to be supernatural

Xiao Wang: I just played in front of the school and sent a state. At that time, someone sent a message saying that he had acquaintances who could help me.

The so-called probing is a social software for making friends, so that the two sides can chat normally with each other as friends.

Xiao Wang claimed to have been a policeman by probing into the mans name, Li.

Xiao Wang: I also sent pictures of myself in police uniform. During the chat, I talked about how many friends I had and how many people I knew from the Education Bureau. Its not a matter of transferring places to run a primary school.

In this way, Xiao Wang met the man named Li through the Internet for more than two months. In Xiao Wangs opinion, the man named Li is the hope of his children to go to school.

Li Mou, who promised to work for Xiao Wang, had not acted until all primary schools had opened one after another, and the transfer of children had no place at all. At this time, the man surnamed Li made a request to Xiao Wang.

Xiao Wang: When you say you want to meet, when you meet, you say you want to open a room with me. Only when you have a relationship can you help me. I thought about it and agreed, but opened the room, did nothing, and did not answer the phone very much.

The whole thing did not develop in the direction Xiao Wang envisaged. Later, Li Mou and Xiao Wang stayed in a hotel near Xiao Wangs house for one night. When they left, although Li Mou promised well, they had no news for several days. At that time, the school had already started, but they could not tell their husband truthfully. Xiao Wang was anxious to call again to urge Li Mou.

At this time, Li Mou even directly asked Xiao Wang for 1000 yuan, but after taking the money, there was no further information.

Xiao Wang: My money was cheated, my body was cheated, and now things have not been done to me, I do not know what to do.

Since Xiao Wang knew Li Mou, for three months, things have not been done, children can only go back to their home school, and Li Mou every time in the phone said, still urging the Bureau of Education. Of course, Xiao Wang no longer trusts such a statement. He has asked Li Mou for a thousand yuan of his own and is ready to call the police to solve the problem.

Xiao Wang also consulted the education department for the first time today on the management of school transfer.

The Bureau of Education responded: According to the regulations, transfer is to be carried out in school with relevant certification materials before the start of school, because transfer also involves the quota problem, the parent can contact the transfer matters next semester, if it can not be solved, our bureau can help coordinate as much as possible.

Source: Xiao Qi_N6799, Responsible Editor of Shaanxi Urban Express