Hengdian stand-in actors: once envied the flow of small fresh meat with eight stand-ins

 Hengdian stand-in actors: once envied the flow of small fresh meat with eight stand-ins

The movie Im Passerby A

They want to be stars, but in the end they become shadows of stars.

One lens, nine bowls of noodles

Wang Zhijian, dressed in thin clothes and carrying a bowl of boiled noodles in white water, waited for his first scene to start shooting. At the end of 2016, he began to pursue the dream of actors. This food substitution play was his first job after he went to Hengdian.

When the leader recruited the actors, Wang Zhijian pushed forward and finally got the chance. But after the play was over, he realized why the surrogate elders who came together did not join in the excitement.

The so-called meal substitution is to shoot some meal scenes instead of actors, because no one knows how many pictures to take and how much food to eat.

Wang Zhijian replaced a relieved victim. His hair was untidy, he was wearing hollow clothes and black earth on his face and hands. He had an old bowl in his hand. He did not know how many times it had been used. The edges of the bowl were damaged and the bowl was covered with tasteless white water.

At the directors command, Wang Zhijian grabbed a handful of noodles and stuffed them into his mouth. He swallowed on the black earth. He had to stutter because he played the role of the victims.

At the first bowl, he was enthusiastic. I finally got the play, and I want to perform well. By the time of the fifth bowl, the stomach had begun to swell and could not swallow. After eating the eighth bowl, he began to worry, Well, there may be close-ups. Why hasnt the camera swept over yet? At the end of the 9th bowl, the director finally shouted cut.

Wang Zhijian earned 70 yuan when he was a food substitute for a day, but his heart was a bit empty when a close-up shot did not wait. Later, he heard from his predecessors that this kind of play was generally not accepted, and there was not much money to suffer. Even if you do, you dont need to finish all the food. No one cares about the way you make it. But on the set, no one will come and talk to the stand-in specifically.

Wang Zhijian claims to be a very poor person in this circle. In the first two years of this industry, rice substitution, knife substitution and horse substitution were his regular plays.

Teenagers leave their hometown of Shaanxi to work all over the country. Before Wang Zhijian, he worked as a cook in a restaurant. He traveled between Lanzhou and Beijing, worked in more than a dozen hotels, and finally came to Hengdian with all his savings.

During his time as a cook, he developed a good knife worker, and knife substitution became one of the channels for him to make a living. The studio needs to show off the features of cutting vegetables. He takes them all. When filming, the camera focused on his hand, moving with his hand up and down, the filament talked about speed and aesthetics. After filming, his hand became part of the main character.

Drop and envy are the norm for many people who have just arrived at Hengdian. When Wang Zhijian first arrived at Hengdian, he once envied a top traffic star, who had eight avatars and only came once a week for filming, and got a lot of money. This is a fantasy play in ancient costume. From playing piano, fighting, to literary drama, male stars have different avatars. Eight identically dressed stand-ins walked around the scene.

There is also a play No. 1 woman because of the deadline problem, the last four or five days of the play did not have time to shoot, the face of the play is also completed by the double. Deputy director told Wang Zhijian that these are not problems. Get a green cloth in the hotel, make up for it, and finally synthesize it by computer, and replace the stand-in.

On the set, the stand-in actors had few names. Everyone is known as the substitution of somebody, the substitution of somebody by force, the substitution of somebody. For stunt performers, there are not many highlights. At most, they are praised by the director as a good stunt.

In Wang Zhijians rental house, there are pictures of him and He Jing. This is his most glorious moment in 2018, when he was invited as a stand-in actor to record Happy Base Camp.

Speaking of these yearsexperience, Wang Zhijian still has an expectation that there should be a Best Stuart Award. Can so many award ceremonies also give us a positive?

Wang Zhijian was on the spot

If something goes wrong, it must be me who gets scolded.

Cao Huilin has a round baby face, long hair and waist. Starting as an actor in March 2017, the stunt man took over when there were no other scenes.

There are too many acts. Women dress up as men, put on beards, run back and forth, and make an action response. Which scene is impressive? Which play is the most touching? These questions are too difficult for her to answer. Cao Huilin said she was just a small piece of scenery in a play. She didnt know what it meant to be pulled around. Sometimes you dont even know who youre acting for, and its over when you go through the show.

During the filming of a hot Qinggong Opera in 2018, Cao Huilin had a role with lines, but after agreeing on the price, she was suddenly told to change to another role without lines.

Didnt you argue?

If I were to argue, it would be a play for me. He can find someone else. Others want to make money. I dont want to do it. There are a lot of people waiting to do it. We have no choice. Cao Huilin said that the usual way to receive plays is through some resource leaders, who have almost mastered their power of life and death.

The theatre crew was paid 800 yuan, and the leader had to pump 300 yuan to 500 yuan. Once the actors show their unwillingness, the leader will write it down and tell the other leaders, This man refuses to pump water and does not keep his integrity. So far, Cao Huilin has not learned to refuse.

Most of the time, Cao Huilin was replaced by Wen Wei, who played for actors and other characters. When she got the script she wanted to play against the main actor, she recited it the night before, looked in the mirror, practiced it over and over in the rental house, and dreamed that she was acting herself.

Waiting nervously on the spot, waiting for a day, nothing may happen in the end. The stand-in is there for spare use. The stand-in is coming, or for some other reason. If you dont need it, just let you go. In the most exaggerated scene, she arrived at the set at more than five oclock in the morning and waited until the early morning with makeup, but was told not to take pictures.

Cao Huilin was most worried about making mistakes with the actors. She had to be careful of her own mistakes. If something went wrong, it must be me who was scolded. On the set, almost anyone can scold us for a few words.

At the end of one shooting, Cao Huilin and another actress lined up for dinner. When they came out with two meals, they were seen by the deputy director. He disliked us very much and said that our food had been taken away by the leader. Why was he still fighting here? They said a few words of sorry, explaining that they were not clear.

After apologizing, they thought they were all right and were ready to sit down and eat. The deputy director standing next to him called the leader again and retelled angrily, At that time, I thought we ate a dish like a crime, surrounded by people, scolded over and over again, it was really embarrassing.

Cao Huilin often falls into contradiction. Sometimes I feel like I have been brainwashed. Its very magical. Always say that I work hard, I will certainly be able to. But she knew in her heart that this was not a place where hard work alone could be harvested. But every time she wants to give up, when she sees actors and big stars crowding around, she feels like shes going to keep climbing.

She was much more disappointed than expected about the job, and all the injustices were on the table, more brutal than any other industry. But she felt that she was lucky, because she had a pleasant appearance and was serious about filming. Cao Huilin took several small roles. She began not only to stand in for others, but also to have a chance to appear in the play and to speak a line or two.

Guo Biaos figure is similar to Liu Peiqis.


Guo Biao, 37, is Liu Peiqis special replacement. They do look a little like each other. They both have long slender faces and thin bodies.

These old opera skeletons are bigger than the sky. They really eat this bowl of rice. Guo Biao said that most of the time, veteran actors do not use avatars, but in several groups to catch up with the progress of shooting, sometimes need avatars to complete some side, vision and other shots.

And the old actors act in a low-key way, with only two assistants at most, and most of the time they dont have shelves except when they start shooting formally. During the filming with Wei Zongwan, Guo Marked asked him to tickle every time he met him.

When he first started, Guo Biao would have some expectations, thinking of becoming a star, but now he has a very clear present. He did not have much private contact with the actors, They are them, I am me, people are old opera bone, I am a working person, not the same.

Guo Biao accepted his current job very calmly, and he thought he was lucky. Liu Peiqis stand-in also got the chance to perform in White Deer Plain because he was somewhat similar in appearance. Substitution pay is relatively considerable, with the group can get 10,000 yuan a month.

For five or six years as a stand-in, those who had been a little unsuitable were acceptable. He talked about a play for Liu Peiqi, who was going to lie in the rocks by the sea and get shot in the buttock. Theres a hole in his trousers. Hes going to stick his butt out and show the meat. He laughed as he spoke. That should be a substitute.

Once, Guo Biao wanted to act as Wei Zongwans stand-in for the male lead in the late remake of the male lead. Before the shooting, he knew that he was only a chat-up and would not leave any footage in the end.

The play is a funeral scene where Nu 1 died. The lines Guo marked clearly, Go, send Yingying home. Guo Biao is still fastidious about his mood and tone when he talks about this phrase.

It took only 20 minutes to shoot, and Guo Biaos investment went smoothly. After that, a man came up and shook his hand. You not only look alike, you cry very well. Guo Biao was still wondering who the man was and the assistant director standing aside was the director-in-chief. At that time, I thought to myself, this does not give me money, I also earned.

Going away from the shooting scene, Guo Biao saw many hidden rules in the circle. Some people transferred money to the leaders broker, hundreds or thousands of different, followed by a sentence, Brother, filial piety to you. At the director level, its even more different. Guo Biao said that pimping is too common. At nine or ten oclock, actresses are invited to dinner. At this time, there will be no one to eat, but whether they can perform in the theatre or not, they have to depend on these for a lot of time.

Livelihood is not a problem for Guo Biao. He has restaurants in Zhejiang and Chongqing, and his life is better than that of many people. Choosing to continue as an actor, Guo Biao felt he was used to it, like a worker, experiencing different life at intervals.

He is also looking for new opportunities. The double cant be long-term, no matter how good you play, theres no chance to show up, its the shadow of others. He thought that since he had entered this field, he could not only stand in for others all his life, but also develop himself into a role actor and really have his own role-shaping.

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