Chuan Tesla Model 3 was suspended by China Customs

 Chuan Tesla Model 3 was suspended by China Customs

Photo Source: Every photo taken by reporter Liu Ling (database)

Reporter Duan Siyao and Mao Zhaocheng

On March 4, a document suspected to have flowed out from the Customs showed that Customs at all automobile import ports suspended the release of imported Tesla Model 3 pure electric vehicles and issued the correspondingOn-board Inspection Form, notifying the importing enterprises that the relevant vehicles had been released before issuance, the Customs should notify the importing enterprises not to sell and use them, and withdraw theOn-board Inspection Formwhich had been issued. At the same time, the Customs at the import ports of automobiles should strengthen the inspection of other imported models manufactured by Tesla Company of the United States.

The above picture is a warning notice about Tesla, which has not been confirmed by Tesla.

A source confirmed this to the Daily Economic News. But Tianjin Customs told reporters: We have not received this notification yet. In addition, a sales staff member of Tesla Experience Store told reporters that he had not received the above notification, and that Tesla still had to wait two to three months from booking to picking up the car.