Establishment of the Organizing Committee of China International Import Exposition: Hu Chunhua as Director

 Establishment of the Organizing Committee of China International Import Exposition: Hu Chunhua as Director

Peoples governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, ministries and commissions of the State Council and directly affiliated institutions:

In order to run China International Import Exposition well, the Organizing Committee of China International Import Exposition (hereinafter referred to as the Organizing Committee) was established with the consent of the State Council. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

I. Main Duties and Components of the Organizing Committee

(1) Main responsibilities.

To study and coordinate major issues in the preparatory work; to coordinate and promote the preparatory work and exhibition participation of various departments and localities; and to promote the implementation of the invitation of relevant countries, regions and international organizations by our government to participate in the exhibition. Major matters shall be submitted for approval in accordance with procedures.

(2) Components.

Deputy Director: Minister of Commerce, Zhongshan

Yingyong Mayor of Shanghai

Members of the Party Group of State Council Organs in Gaoyu

Assistant Foreign Minister Zhang Jun

Deputy Director of Zhang Yong Development and Reform Commission

Vice Minister of Education of Tian Xuejun

Vice Minister of Science and Technology of Zhang Jianguo

Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Wang Zhijun

Sun Lijun, Vice Minister of Public Security

Vice Minister of Civil Affairs of Gao Xiaobing

Vice Minister of Finance of Cheng Lihua

Vice Minister of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of Zhao Yingmin

He Jianzhong Vice Minister of Transport

Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Qu Dongyu

Vice Minister of Commerce, Wang Bingnan

Wang Xiaofeng Member of the Party Group of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Deputy Director of Li Bin Health Commission

Member of the Party Group of Wang Haoshui Emergency Response Department

Vice President of the Peoples Bank of China Chen Yulu

Ren Hong Bin, Deputy Director of SASASAC

Deputy Director of General Administration of Customs of Li Guo

Deputy Director-General of Tian Shihong General Administration of Market Supervision

Deputy Director-General of Fan Weiping General Administration of Radio, Film and Television

Li Yingchuan Deputy Director-General of General Administration of Sports

Deputy Director of Zhou Liujun International Development Cooperation Agency

Deputy Director of Li Tao Medical Insurance Bureau

Huang Liuquan, Deputy Director of Hong Kong and Macao Office

Deputy Director of Pei Jin Jiatai Office

Vice-Chairman of Wang Zhaoxing Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission

Vice Chairman of Fang Xinghai Securities Regulatory Commission

Wang Zhiqing Deputy Director of Civil Aviation Administration

Xu Jinghe Deputy Director-General of the Bureau of Pharmaceutical Supervision

Deputy Director-General of Hehua Intellectual Property Bureau

Xu Kunlin, Vice Mayor of Shanghai

Vice President of Zhang Shenfeng Trade Promotion Association

Wang Yongqing Vice-President of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce

Vice General Manager of Li Wenxin China National Railway Group Co., Ltd.

II. The Main Duties and Components of the Organizing Committee Office

(1) Main responsibilities.

The Office of the Organizing Committee is located in the Ministry of Commerce, which is composed of the Ministry of Commerce, the Shanghai Municipal Peoples Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is responsible for studying and putting forward the overall plan and implementation plan of the China International Import Expo, implementing the relevant decisions of the Organizing Committee, coordinating the specific affairs in the process of organizing the exhibition, reporting regularly to the Organizing Committee on the progress of work and undertaking other matters assigned by the Organizing

(2) Components.

Director: Wang Bingnan (concurrently)

Deputy Director: Xu Kunlin (concurrently)

Assistant Minister of Commerce Ren Hongbin

Zhang Jun (concurrently)

3. Main Duties of the Organizing Unit and the Undertaking Unit

(1) The sponsor.

China International Import Expo is co-sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and the Shanghai Municipal Peoples Government. It is mainly responsible for home diplomacy, international exhibitions and international forums of China International Import Expo. Among them, the Ministry of Commerce is responsible for inviting relevant countries to organize exhibitions, inviting relevant international organizations to attend, coordinating the work of local and relevant departments to organize trade groups to participate in procurement, negotiation and cooperation, and Shanghai is responsible for security, guest reception, transportation and other urban services.

(2) The undertaking unit.

China International Import and Exposition Bureau and National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. are the undertakers responsible for formulating the exhibition plan, undertaking the specific work of China International Import and Exposition in attracting exhibitions, attracting investment, exhibition distribution, on-site organization and management services.

If the members of the Organizing Committee and the directors and deputy directors of the office of the organizing committee need to be adjusted due to changes in their work, they shall be submitted to the office of the organizing committee by their units and submitted for approval in accordance with relevant regulations and procedures.

General Office of the State Council

February 25, 2019

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Source: Wang Zheng_N7526, Responsible Editor of Chinese Government Network