Thirty kilos overweight during a vacation period! ___________ A 17-year-old girl in Hangzhou was admitted to ICU in critical condition

 Thirty kilos overweight during a vacation period! ___________ A 17-year-old girl in Hangzhou was admitted to ICU in critical condition

A 17-year-old girl in the flowering season should be a synonym for them. However, Xiaoxi, a Hangzhou girl, is 165 centimeters tall and weighs 140 kilograms, but there are some unexpected diseases hidden in her fat body.

Just a few days ago, she suffered abdominal pain and was admitted to the emergency department of Xixi Hospital in Hangzhou. She was diagnosed as diabetic ketoacidosis, acute pancreatitis and severe fatty liver by examination. She was transferred to the intensive care unit immediately in view of her critical condition.

Xiaoxi is in hospital

How can these diseases focus on a flowering girl?

Dr. Li Shuguo, chief physician of the Department of Critical Care Medicine of Xixi Hospital, understood the history of the disease and analyzed various examination indicators. He believed that Xiaoxis problem had a great relationship with her dietary habits.

According to the family, Xiaoxi was fat from childhood, and people who knew her said she was a blessed child. In fact, it was not very fat at first. The biggest problem was that she gained 30 kilograms during the summer vacation last year. After that, she lost control of food and wanted to eat whenever she saw it. She was particularly fond of high-calorie foods such as sweets and fries. Whats more, she ate a lot and was not full. In addition, during the Spring Festival, she was more open to eating, unfortunately, the pathogenic factors are also quietly accumulating, and eventually a dangerous outbreak of diabetic ketoacidosis, acute pancreatitis, severe fatty liver.

Two experts said that parentsspoiling, childrens willfulness to eat, lack of awareness of health check-up are lessons worth pondering. Afterwards, Xiaoxis family lamented that some children nowadays cant eat as hard as they can. They hurt their children instead of restricting them. Young parents must keep a good watch on this point.

At the directors special reminder, in todays health management concept, obesity is no longer synonymous with nutrition, but may become a stumbling block to health. Nowadays, little fat dumps and little fat girls are common, which brings many risk factors to childrens health. Therefore, we call on all parents, grandparents and grandparents to have a scientific dietary concept, obesity will bury many hidden dangers for childrens physical and mental development, such as diabetes, fatty liver, coronary heart disease, precocious puberty, etc. In addition, obese children are likely to become extremely poor students who are easy to doze off and learn poorly in class, because obese people are prone to hypoxia.

Finally, if your child is a small fat pie, please take regular health check-ups with your child on the premise of balanced diet and active exercise, so as to find out the hidden dangers of the disease as early as possible.

Source: Xiao Qi_N6799, Responsible Editor of Zhejiang Online-Qianjiang Evening News