Chinas First AI Composite Anchor in Foreign Media: Almost False

 Chinas First AI Composite Anchor in Foreign Media: Almost False

On March 3, Xinhua released a new upgraded stand-up AI synthetic anchor and launched the worlds first female AI synthetic anchor. This move has once again attracted the attention of the global media circle.

This is the latest breakthrough in the deep integration of AI and news editing since last years release of the worlds first synthetic news anchor.

It is understood that the virtual anchor named Xin Xiaomeng is based on the Xinhua news agency anchor Qu Meng as the prototype, imitating her speech and behavior, and showed her in a video released earlier.

Before Xin Xiaomeng, Xinhua also exhibited AI synthetic male anchors at the Fifth World Internet Conference in Wuzhen in November 2018. It is reported that these robotic anchors work 24 hours on their official websites and various social media platforms to improve the efficiency of TV news production and reduce production costs. It will quickly generate news videos in unexpected reports and improve the timeliness and quality of reports.

British DailyMail reported that netizens welcomed the new host. Printing media said that except for a slightly stiff lip movement, the new little sprout could be almost false. The Reuters believed that the AI synthetic female anchor was lifelike, from monitoring devices to autopilot cars, and China is striving to improve its strength in AI technology.

Source: Global Times - Global Network. More exciting, please log on to the World Wide Web responsible editor: Xiao Qi_NN6799