Women spend 8000 yuan to buy sky-high price body-building clothes and wear them ineffectively. They want to get rejected.

 Women spend 8000 yuan to buy sky-high price body-building clothes and wear them ineffectively. They want to get rejected.

A merchant said he had a body-shaping dress.

After wearing, you can lose weight and shape.

With massage techniques to manage body shape

A chest that can tighten and relax.

Adjustment of O-leg and other functions


Whats the price of this body-shaping dress?

Is it really so magical?

To build a perfect figure

Ms. Lin and Ms. Shi spent tens of thousands of yuan.

Buy different body-building courses

However, after they tried one or two different courses of treatment

All show that the effect is not ideal.

Its not easy to return the goods.

Ms. Lin, 35, from Fujian, is in Xian with her husband in building materials business. In early May 2018, Ms. Lin was recommended a body-shaping product when she visited a lingerie store. Shop owners said that as long as they put on their body-shaping underwear, without exercise and diet, they can have a S-shape. Ms. Lin was pointed out to have a flabby chest. Another problem that Ms. Shi was pointing out was that her chest was too small and she had some O-legs. Ms. Lin said that these problems can be managed by tailor-made underwear and massage by a slimmer in the shop, which can tighten Ms. Lins flabby chest, or adjust the fat on Ms. Shis abdomen and even back to the position of her chest.

So Ms. Lin paid 59970 yuan and bought six courses of body-building clothes. In fact, six sets of body-building underwear, but once paid, the back clothes will be customized according to the effect of pre-use. Ms. Shi spent more than 29,000 yuan on three or four sets of underwear.

Half a month after paying, Ms. Lin put on her first tailor-made body-shaping underwear. This set is more than 8000 yuan, although very tight, but it can be worn. Ms. Lin admits that in the first month, the meat was really compact. But in the second month, the so-called second course of treatment, two sets of body-shaping underwear of the same size were brought back, which was 6 centimeters smaller than the waist circumference of the first set. You said that there was no change in weight, but the massage meat was more compact, could you not wear it? Ms. Lin said that it was difficult for her to breathe out every day. I wore it for a month. It was July and I was hot and itchy. When she couldnt wear it anymore, Ms. Lin went to talk to the seller, but was told that she was sitting in the wrong position.

Compared with Ms. Lins insistence, Ms. Shi stopped using it after a months trial. My chest hasnt grown any bigger, but the shop says I need to gain weight. Ms. Lin and Ms. Shi went to the store together and asked to return the rest of the clothes that had not been customized, but the other side refused.

Ms. Lins body-building garment hanging tag shows that this is a functional adjustable body-building underwear. The manufacturer is Vinya Mei underwear Co., Ltd. and the dealer is Chongqing Lepini Trading Co., Ltd. with the address in Chongqing.

On the afternoon of March 2, under the leadership of Ms. Lin and Ms. Shi, Chinese Business Journal reporters came to this underwear store called Jumei Private Clothing Factory. A person in charge of the store said that the two ladies insisted very well in the early stage, but later did not insist, the effect will not be seen. Last year, because of the relocation of the stores, there were indeed some inadequate services, willing to do body management services for two ladies. If you are determined to return the rest of the treatment, you can also discuss. She has conveyed their ideas to the manufacturer and will reply as soon as possible.

Source of this article: Huashang Net - author of Huashang Daily: Miao Qiaoying, responsible editor: Xiao Qi_N6799