Wahaha AD Calcium Milk slogan From A to D is referred to as vulgar official intervention

 Wahaha AD Calcium Milk slogan From A to D is referred to as vulgar official intervention

Beijing News Today (March 4), Wahaha AD Calcium bottle printed with drink AD Calcium Milk from A to D advertising attracted attention. Some netizens think that the advertisement has the function of promoting breast enhancement. In the afternoon, Wahaha said that the above slogans belong to the network language and have no special meaning. Hangzhou Shangcheng District Market Supervision Authority staff said they would be involved in the investigation.

The bottle of Wahaha AD Calcium Milk has the slogan Drinking AD Calcium Milk Can Become D from A. New Beijing News reporter Liu Mingyang

Reporters visited several supermarkets in Beijing to sell related drinks

Recently, some Weibo users found that the bottles of Wahaha AD calcium milk sold in supermarkets in Beijing, Guangdong, Yunnan and other regions had advertisements suggesting breast enhancement. Photos posted by netizens showed that two little girls wearing red scarves were playing the game of flipping rope on the bottle of AD calcium milk. In addition, the bottle body also printed in high school, the class did not know who said that drinking AD calcium milk can change from A to D, and then set off a gust of wind, girls in the class began to drink AD calcium milk.

For the above phenomenon, some netizens think AD calcium milk is a childrens drink, the above slogan is slightly vulgar, and suspicion of breast enlargement is implied. One of the consumers who bought AD Calcium Milk said that she bought it for her brother at the time. When he saw the slogan on the bottle, he took the bottle and asked her what she meant. She did not know how to explain it.

This morning, a reporter from the Beijing News visited several supermarkets in Beijing and found that the Wahaha AD calcium milk was placed in the beverage and dairy products area, with a price of 8.1 yuan per plate. Some bottles are printed with the above slogan, others are printed with the words Wahaha really reminds me of childhood memories, old houses, old lanes..., When I was a child, because I was afraid that other children would rob me of AD calcium milk, I ran all the way not to let them get it. Now I go to the National Famous Sports College. And other statements.

Wahaha said the slogans were provided by netizens.

The AD Calcium Milk with nostalgic quotations is the latest packaging. The original packaging has no place to stock now. No one has ever reflected the nostalgic quotations on the bottle to me. The owner of a small supermarket in Dongcheng, Beijing, said Wahaha AD Calcium Milk was very popular with children. More than 30 bottles of AD calcium milk are usually sold in a day or two.

During the conversation with the supermarket owner, some customers went to the supermarket to buy AD calcium milk. In response to the nostalgic quotation on the AD calcium milk bottle, the customer said that he usually bought it for his children and did not notice the relevant slogan on the bottle.

This afternoon, a reporter from Beijing News called Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd. for after-sales service. The other side introduced that the quotation Drinking AD Calcium Milk from A to D was provided by netizens and belonged to the network language. Look at the laughter and laughter and its gone. Theres no other meaning. When asked whether drinking Wahaha AD Calcium Milk can breast enlargement, the staff member said there was no such effect. In response to netizensquestioning about the vulgarity of such slogans, the staff member said that they would feedback the situation to the headquarters.

The staff of Hangzhou Shangcheng District Market Regulatory Bureau said that they would be involved in the investigation in response to the question raised by the propaganda slogan of Wahaha AD Calcium Bottle Body.

Source: Author of New Beijing News: Liu Mingyang, responsible editor of Wang Jiaqin: Xiaoqi_NN6799