A woman in Fujian went to the Perfect Beauty Hospital and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital

 A woman in Fujian went to the Perfect Beauty Hospital and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital

Womens pursuit of beauty makes more and more beauty parlors springing up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Among them, there are regular beauty agencies, but there are also many opportunistic businessmen.

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Mr. Li, a Quanzhou citizen, is very depressed.

His wife is in a beauty salon

Having fooled one project after another,

It costs more than 100,000 yuan, but its a muddle-headed account.

The wife also relapsed from depression.

Mr. and Mrs. Li are from Nanan. Their wife works in a company in Nanan, while they work in Xiamen. They can only go home once a week.

In January 2018, Mrs. Lee passed a beauty parlor. When someone was soliciting customers to wash their faces for free, she was pulled in to experience beauty projects. After half a days fooling, she was persuaded to buy a 10-time breast care project, which cost 5800 yuan.

Subsequently, beauty salons began to recommend items step by step. Help her to cure all kinds of physical problems, massage, hair removal, maintenance and so on are routine projects, there are some unheard of projects, can help her treat gynecological diseases, depression and so on.

Beauty parlors said that their machines detected that Mrs. Lee had gynecological diseases, so they recommended a private project for 28,000 yuan, which could help her treat cervical erosion. In fact, she was given some pills to use according to her requirements. In the summer of the same year, Mrs. Lee went to the hospital and found that she had no gynecological diseases at all.

The beauty salon also recommended that she buy a underwear called body age, which costs 8800 yuan.

Buy 30 bottles of unknown underwear care liquid, the cost is 2640 yuan;

I bought a clean skin ticket for 1980 yuan and so on.

Mr. Li said that his wife was usually a very economical person, with no circle of friends, and would not go to eat, drink and play, because people in the beauty parlor often cared about her and helped her celebrate her birthday. And because of the transfer of their work in the past two years, they usually accompany too little, so that people in beauty parlors can take advantage of it.

In fact, his wife suffered from depression in 2014. Her condition had stabilized, but because of the beauty salon, she was under great pressure. Recently, she often had headaches and kept crying. Only when he asked him carefully did he know about it.

According to Mr. Lis statistics, his wife paid 47900 yuan to the beauty salon and owed more than 63000 yuan to the merchants. Because Mr. Lis wife is not enough money, the beauty salon takes her to run a credit card, help her to open Alipays staging, and help her apply for a loan, so that she can pay in installments.

After learning about the situation, Mr. Li called the police, but his wife had been ill and began to talk nonsense. He could not cooperate at all. At present, his wife has been hospitalized in Xiamen Psychiatric Hospital on the advice of the police. Under pressure, the merchant offered 10,000 yuan to Mr. Lis wife for treatment, follow-up coordination, to wait for Mr. Lis wifes condition to stabilize before continuing.

Maintenance of beauty is beyond reproach.

But some bad businessmen want to make money.

To fool around with seemingly tall projects,

Not only can it not achieve the effect of beauty,

It can even hurt the body.

These pit peoples beauty projects,

Dont do it again!

Pit man project 1: ovarian maintenance

Many beauty parlors will publicize the benefits of ovarian maintenance: healthy eggs, delaying aging, regulating dysmenorrhea, good sleep, enhancing sexual interest... In fact, however, it is not only useless, but also hidden risks.

Expert: Normal ovaries can not be massaged. These beauty masseurs are really just rubbing your stomach. If you really feel it, it means that the ovary may have problems, random rubbing not only can not maintain, but may press the accident.

Pit man project 2: breast health care

Many beauty parlors claim that breast massage can treat breast hyperplasia, breast fibroadenoma and other diseases, as well as breast enlargement projects.

Expert: Breast massage cant cure the disease, but the worse the massage is.

Pit man project 3: detoxification and health preservation

Detoxification and health preservation is also a major part of many beauty parlors, ranging from kidney detoxification, liver detoxification to large intestine detoxification, fire therapy, hydrotherapy, sweat steaming... It can be said that there are many patterns.

Expert: In fact, the human body does not need the so-called detoxification.

Pit man project 4: golden glow

Chinese people like gold. It is also said that gold has various skin-care functions. So beauty parlors also have luxurious gold beauty projects. They claim to be anti inflammatory, brightening complexion, detoxifying, anti aging, whitening...

Expert: It doesnt work at all. Just like you wear a mask on your face, you expect it to bring anti-aging and whitening effect, thats really a lot of thinking.

Legendary Golden Glow

Hangren Project 5: Lymphatic Detoxification

Lymphatic detoxification, a skin care course, is also a frequent visitor to beauty parlors. They claim to be able to detoxify, stimulate microcirculation, enhance immunity and relieve blood pressure.

Injecting oxygen into the skin can make the skin breathe better and accelerate the metabolism of the skin. It can activate cells, replenish water and calm down.

Expert: The so-called oxygen content here is just a gimmick of the brand, because skin care companies think that hydrogen monoxide (water) is also a form of oxygen.

Hangren Project 7: Stem Cell Beauty

By injecting animal and plant stem cells into the skin, the skin cells can be regenerated and repaired. It can resist aging, wrinkle resistance, pulling and compactness.

Expert: Under the control of the current cosmetics regulations, anyone who claims to have stem cell living cells violates the cosmetics law. These are deceptive tricks.

Pit People Project 8: Fast Whitening

Chinese women are crazy about whitening, so they can whiten at all costs. And there is no patience, so the so-called fast whitening projects and products have emerged.

Expert: This kind of product can be applied externally and orally, but it has side effects.

Source: Xiao Qi_N6799, responsible editor of Quanzhou Evening News