Your cigarette may be fake! Changsha police seized a large number of fake cigarettes

 Your cigarette may be fake! Changsha police seized a large number of fake cigarettes

Recently, the Changsha Police, in conjunction with the Changsha Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, after four months of line expansion, locked up a criminal gang selling counterfeit cigarettes across provinces. On February 28, the police launched a network collection operation, capturing five suspects, and seizing counterfeit cigarettes at the scene amounted to more than 700,000 yuan.

The suspect hoarded fake cigarettes in the underground garage of Lanting District, Aohai, Wangcheng District.

In November, the police locked in a gang headed by Zhang Mou and Guo Mou selling fake cigarettes.

Not only that, but the division of labour in this group is also very clear.

In order to avoid the attack, the gang will arrange personnel to explore the way ahead and use the walkie-talkie to communicate with them throughout the transaction.

Changsha police, through investigation and adjudication, arrested Zhang Mou and others when they came to trade again.

Cousins Work Together to Manage

The amount involved in the case amounts to more than 6 million yuan

Through interrogation, the police further learned that the gang committed two to three crimes in an average month, using cheap counterfeit brand tobacco to earn the difference, involving a total amount of more than 6 million yuan.

Zhang Mou and Guo Mou, the 28-year-old principal criminals, are cousins. Zhang Mou first only ran the kitchen electricity business. Unexpectedly, since last year, the business has lost money. At the invitation of his cousin Guo Mou, they began to buy and sell fake cigarettes together.

Because the two men sold fake cigarettes across the province and also involved many cities in Hunan Province, Zhang also specially hired a number of high-paid freight drivers, 20-year-old Pang Mou is one of them. Pang Mou explained that he was originally engaged in automobile repair industry and had a good source of life, but under the temptation of high-tech, he also joined the group.

At present, five people involved in the case were detained by the police in accordance with the law on suspicion of illegal sale of counterfeit and inferior products, and the police are further tracing the criminal gangs online.

Source: Responsible Editor of Politics and Law Channel: Xiao Qi_NN6799