Depp sued his ex-wife Emeb for defamation claims of $50 million

 Depp sued his ex-wife Emeb for defamation claims of $50 million

Netease Entertainment reported on March 4, Beijing time. Johnny Depp sued his ex-wife, Emeb Hilde, for defamation, claiming $50 million. Hilde wrote an article in the Washington Post late last year about her allegations of domestic violence against Depp. The complaint said: Ms. Hilde is not a victim of domestic violence, she is the perpetrator. Mr. Depp has never mistreated Ms. Hilde. The charges she made against him in 2016 were false. It was a carefully arranged farce for Hilde to gain public attention and promote her career.

Eric M. Hildes lawyer. George responded: This nonsense was Johnny Depps latest attempt to silence Emebel Hilde, and he tried many times. Shes not going to be silent.

He said the incident proved that Depp could not accept the truth of his ongoing abuse and said that Depp appeared to be committed to self-destruction. He said that Depps accusations were unfounded and that they would try to end the despicable harassment of my clients by Mr Depp and his legal team.

Articles on Depps Policy Correct:

Late last year, Hilde wrote for the Washington Post that our culture is angry with women who speak out, saying she was told she would be banned from acting after accusing her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, of domestic violence. She was replaced by a movie revealed, and a global fashion brand abandoned her. Whether I could play Meila in the Alliance for Justice and the Sea King at that time also raised questions:

Hilde said he had been abused since he was very young and knew that men had physical, social and financial power and had institutional support. Like many women, she said she had been sexually assaulted and harassed at her university age, but she remained silent, believing that reporting such things would not bring justice, and did not regard herself as a victim.

And two years ago, I became a public figure on the topic of domestic violence, and I also felt the angry attack of our culture on vocal women. Hilde said her friends and consultants told her that she would never be able to act again and would be banned. One of the movies I was involved in at the time re-selected my role as an actor. I just made a two-year advertising campaign as a spokesperson for a global fashion brand, and then the company gave up on me. I also had doubts about whether I could play Meila in the Alliance for Justice and the Sea King.

Hilde said she had a rare opportunity to see in reality how the system protects men accused of abuse. She compares powerful men to big ships like the Titanic. When that ship hits an iceberg, many people on board will desperately try to plug the loopholes - not because they trust and care about the ship itself, but because their own destiny is closely related to the ship.

She said the metoo movement taught us how such power works, saying that wherever women are, they have to face men supported by social, economic and cultural forces, and these systems are beginning to change. She said that in todays changing political situation, President Trump has been accused by many women of improper sexual behavior, and the metoo movement has led to a dialogue on how sexual violence affects all aspects of womens lives. Now it opens up the possibility of building a system to protect women, and she says resistance to sexual abuse should continue in all areas, such as on University campuses.

Finally, Hilde said, As a woman who used to change her phone number every week because she was threatened with death, I wrote this down. For several months, I seldom left my apartment. Once I left home, I was chased by camera drones and photographers riding motorcycles, driving or running. She said gossip tabloids would discredit herself. She was tried in a court of public opinion. My life and livelihood are governed by innumerable opinions beyond my control.

She said she hoped that women who spoke out about violence would get more support. She hoped that people would unite to demand changes in laws, rules and social standards, to correct the imbalances that shape our lives.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Hu Mengyao_NK5655