Premier League Scores: Manchester Citys 1-point anti-Premier League campaign against Liverpool to top three teams in a frantic race for four

 Premier League Scores: Manchester Citys 1-point anti-Premier League campaign against Liverpool to top three teams in a frantic race for four

Merseyside derby, Liverpools away challenge to Everton, is undoubtedly the most popular concern in this tournament. Liverpool were in poor condition throughout the game, with only a slight advantage in attacking data such as possession and shooting. In the competition, Salah wasted two single knives, and Fermino also missed a good opportunity, which made people extremely disappointed. Liverpool have suffered a series of weaknesses in the last three Premier League away games, which have been drawn by West Ham United, Manchester United and Everton. Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has recently declared that Liverpool will not win this seasons championship. Will his prediction come true?

While Liverpool were in a downturn, Manchester City came second. In the last five Premier League rounds, Manchester City have won five consecutive victories, including Arsenal, Everton, Chelsea, West Ham United and Bournemouth. In this round of League matches, Manchester City encountered a strong resistance from Bournemouth, but Guardiolas team can still win by one goal, which is the most crucial victory. After the game, Guashuai also admitted that getting three points was the most important.

After 29 rounds of League matches, Manchester City won 23, 2 and 4, with 71 points, while Liverpool won 21, 7 and 1, with 70 points. With nine rounds remaining in the league, Manchester City regained the initiative to compete for the title. In four respects, Manchester United and Chelsea won all the League matches. Manchester United reversed Southampton 3-2 at home, while Chelsea beat Fulham, who had just changed coaches, away. In addition, Arsenal drew Spurs 1-1 in the North London derby. After 29 rounds, Spurs scored 61 points, Manchester United 58 points, Arsenal 57 points and Chelsea 56 points in one game. The competition among the four teams was fierce. In the future, they will fight for the top four.

Wolves beat Cardiff City 2-0 in this round. They scored 43 points after 29 rounds and ranked 7th in the scoring table. Thats a great achievement. Watford, West Ham United and Everton ranked 8-10, respectively.

In terms of relegation, Southampton is still 17th in the scoreboard, two points ahead of the relegation zone, although it has lost to Manchester United in this round. Cardiff City, Fulham and Huddersfield are still difficult teams, ranked 18th, 19th and 20th respectively. Fulham fired Ranieri last week, but they still have a hard time winning. More importantly, Fulhams next Premier League matches against Leicester City, Liverpool and Manchester City are very dangerous.

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