Ding Shumiao will continue to take over the disposal of 4 houses valued at more than 100 million yuan.

 Ding Shumiao will continue to take over the disposal of 4 houses valued at more than 100 million yuan.

On March 4, Xin Jing Bao reporters learned from the judicial auction platform that Beijing Xin Poly Building Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Poly Technology Co., Ltd. recently photographed four properties originally owned by Ding Shumiao, with a total cost of nearly 300 million yuan.

The four properties are located in the new Poly Tower, No. 1 North Street, Chaoyang Men, Dongcheng District, Beijing. They are: 2 floors of the new Poly Tower, 2 floors, with a total amount of 71.238 million yuan; 3 floors of the new Poly Tower, with a total amount of 72.6001.5 million yuan; 5 floors of the new Poly Tower, with a total amount of 72.8562.8 million yuan; and 6 floors of the new Poly Tower, with a total amount of 81.722 million yuan.

Poly Technologies Co., Ltd. photographed the 2-storey suspension building of New Poly Building, and the other three were taken by Beijing New Poly Building Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Poly Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing New Poly Building Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. belong to Poly Group.

According to the introduction, Beijing new Poly Plaza Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., based on Chinas Pauli group, was formally established in November 12, 2002 for the development and construction of the new Beijing. The new Poly Plaza construction development company started construction in May 18, 2003, December 26, 2006 officially put into use, building for the Beijing city landmarks, Chinese and international famous buildings, a modern office, banks, museums, restaurants, fitness in one office.

According to the Auction Confirmation Letter published by the Judicial Auction Platform, the buyer may not claim compensation if the subject matter of the auction cannot be delivered due to legal reasons after the auction is completed. When the subject matter meets the requirements for registration of property transfer, the buyer applies to the relevant administrative departments for registration of property transfer within 30 days after obtaining the relevant legal documents issued by the peoples court. All consequences of overdue are borne by the buyer.

Ding Shumiao is a key businesswoman beside Liu Zhijun, former Minister of railways, known as the first sister of high-speed railway. The court responsible for the auction of Ding Shumiaos assets is the Second Intermediate Court of Beijing, which is responsible for the case of Ding Shumiao.

In December 2014, Ding Shumiao (his real name is Ding Yuxin) was sentenced to 20 yearsimprisonment by the Second Intermediate Court of Beijing for bribery and illegal business operations, with a fine of 2.5 billion yuan and confiscation of 20 million yuan of personal property.

From 2007 to 2010, Ding Shumiaohu, together with Zheng Peng, Hu Bin, Gan Xinyun, Hou Junxia and Guo Ying, won the bid of 23 bidding companies for 57 railway projects such as 8 tender sections of the new Guiyang-Guangzhou Railway Station Project. Ding Shumiao and others obtained illegal income by collecting intermediary fees amounting to more than 3 billion yuan, of which the amount of illegal income of Ding Shumiao amounted to more than 2 billion yuan.

Since the case of Ding Shumiao was settled, its huge assets attribution has attracted much attention.

According to earlier media reports, the judiciary froze and seized all personal property of Ding Shumiao, including RMB 795 million, US$230,000, Euro 2.23 million, HK$85.25 million and Canadian$150,000, frozen 9 stock accounts, frozen 37 real estate, frozen 100% shares and 337 real estate in Berhauetin Hotel, seized 16 cars and frozen talent. The company owns 100% equity and 60% equity of Zhibo Company. 612 articles such as calligraphy, painting and ornaments are seized.

In December 2018, the Second Intermediate Court of Beijing issued a batch of assets related to Ding Shumiao for auction. At that time, Beijing New Poly Mansion Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. took over another property of New Poly Mansion which belonged to Ding Shumiao, the 18th floor 18B of New Poly Mansion. The price was 28755.8 million yuan.

In July 2016, Beijing Newspaper exclusively reported that Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd. had invested 300 million yuan to acquire 50% equity of Zhibo Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhibo Equipment) held by Shanmei Group. The relevant equity has been changed in mid-July.

According to the Beijing News, the transfer price of the 50% equity is only 300 million yuan. At the end of 2016, the total assets, liabilities and net assets of intellectual wave equipment were 3.492 billion yuan, 2.482 billion yuan and 1.010 billion yuan respectively.

Taizhong Group has a considerable influence in Chinas heavy industry. It was founded in 1950. It is the first heavy machinery factory designed and built by China itself. It is a national super-large backbone enterprise.