Yao Jinbo: Suggest abolishing the requirement of indemnificatory housing household registration and relaxing the application restriction

 Yao Jinbo: Suggest abolishing the requirement of indemnificatory housing household registration and relaxing the application restriction

With the opening of the second session of the 13th CPPCC National Committee in Beijing on March 3, the two sessions of the 2019 CPPCC National Committee came into being. At the two sessions this year, Yao Jinbo, deputy to the National Peoples Congress and CEO of 58 Tongcheng City, submitted three written proposals. Among them, the real estate proposals are to fill the shortcomings of the rental market and solve the housing needs of new citizens.

The National Conference on Housing and Urban-Rural Construction, held in December 2018, pointed out that the main starting point was to solve the housing problems of new citizens, establish a housing system of simultaneous rent and purchase, accelerate the development of housing rental market in large and medium-sized cities with net population inflow, and fill the shortcomings of rental housing.

According to media reports, new citizens are mainly migrant workers and newly employed College students. According to the materials published by the State Statistics Bureau and the Ministry of Education, the total number of migrant workers in China reached 280 million in 2017, and the number of college graduates in 2017 and 2018 reached 795 million and 8.2 million respectively. The combined population of the two groups is nearly 300 million. Large scale, wide distribution, strong liquidity, and relatively weak economic foundation, these factors determine that the rental demand of new citizens is more urgent than the purchase of housing, and the problem of their safe living has also been widely concerned by the government and society.

Yao Jinbo pointed out that in recent years, the continuous warming of new citizens to work in cities and the promotion of policies such as renting and selling with the same rights have greatly promoted the prosperity of the domestic housing rental market. However, the high threshold of applying for indemnificatory housing and the inconvenience of withdrawing the reserve fund have greatly hindered the new citizenslanding in the city.

In this regard, Yao Jinbo suggested that the household registration requirements for affordable housing be abolished and application restrictions relaxed.

The so-called indemnificatory housing refers to the housing provided by the government for families with low and middle income housing difficulties in terms of limited standards, fixed prices or rents. It is generally composed of low-rent housing, affordable housing, policy-based rental housing, and directional resettlement housing.

According to Yao Jinbo, in view of the requirement that household registration should be the entry threshold for some new citizens to apply for affordable housing, it is suggested to break the household registration restriction and take the time of social security payment or personal income tax collection as the application basis so as to make the housing welfare policy more comprehensively benefit the new citizens. At the same time, we should relax the restrictions on age and disposable income of affordable housing, so that tenants can apply at the age of 18, and those whose total monthly income is less than a tax threshold can apply first, so as to meet the reasonable housing needs of new citizens.

Secondly, Yao Jinbo proposed to implement flexible provident fund deposit and withdrawal policy to fully meet the rental demand in large and medium-sized cities.

Yao Jinbo pointed out that in the past year, housing rents in large and medium-sized cities have increased significantly. Because of their low economic income, it is more difficult for new citizens to solve the problem of rental housing by their own income. Therefore, they urgently need the protection of the provident fund system to improve the quality of living. It is suggested that the rental function of the provident fund should be strengthened in large and medium-sized cities so as to make the provident fund incline to rental housing appropriately. Especially in view of the fact that the monthly withdrawal quota of the provident fund in some large and medium-sized cities is far below the average level of local rent, it is suggested that the threshold of rental withdrawal be lowered, and the upper limit of the withdrawal amount of the provident fund for rental housing be further flexibly raised so as to make the provident fund system play a greater role in the rental area. At the same time, simplify the extraction process of provident fund, such as no longer require the submission of rental invoices and other materials in the process of processing, and increase the online processing function.

Source of this article: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056