The US media said that the Russian army reiterated that mixed war pays attention to combating propaganda and propaganda.

 The US media said that the Russian army reiterated that mixed war pays attention to combating propaganda and propaganda.

Reference News Network reported on March 4 that the US media said that the Russian military reiterated the concept of mixed warfare and defined information warfare as a form of warfare.

According to a report on the website of the New York Times on March 2, the chief of staff of the Russian armed forces, Valerie Grasimov, agreed with Russias intervention strategy abroad and reiterated the concept of mixed war. This concept has made him notorious in the West, especially among American officials accusing Russia of intervening in the 2016 U.S. elections.

At a meeting on Russias future military strategy, Grasimov said that countries could confront their opponents through a mixture of political, economic and military forces.

The report points out that the speech by the Russian Chief of Staff outlines what some Western analysts believe is Russias iconic strategy. Grasimov said the Russian armed forces must maintain their traditional and asymmetric potential, in jargon, by combining combat, intelligence and propaganda tools.

The picture shows Russian troops.

He also said that the Syrian civil war was an example of Russias successful overseas intervention. He said that the combination of a small expeditionary force and intelligence operations provided experience for safeguarding and promoting Russias overseas interests.

It is noteworthy that the speech coincides with an article published in the Russian military magazine Military Messenger in 2013.

Although the definition of the term mixed war varies, some analysts believe that the meaning of mixed war has evolved from the current tactics adopted by Russia.

In an article published in 2013, Grasimov wrote that there is no clear line between war and peace in the modern world. He said that the army would fight in peacetime and that political and economic means could be used in war.

Reported that this article has led some Western analysts to call Russian tactics Grasimovism, but some experts are opposed to attributing it only to the general or the Kremlin.

Speaking of the generals latest speech, Mark Galleotti, an expert on Russia at the Royal Institute of Military Research and author of the book Political War in Russia, said: Its wrong to think that the Russians invented some new means of war.

Analysts say that mixed war has long been a Western military term, especially in the context of counter-terrorism. For example, the word has been used in the discussion of Israel and the war in Iraq. In 2005, the word appeared in an article co-written by Matisse and others. Matisse was then a Lieutenant General of the United States Army and later served as President Trumps Defense Secretary.

Ivan Konovarov, a military analyst and director of the Russian Center for Strategic Trends Research, said Russian strategists used the term complex tactics or new generation warfare when discussing the combination of military, political and information warfare.

According to US media, in articles and speeches in Military Messenger Weekly, Grasimov emphasized the importance of mixed tactics by accusing opponents of using similar tactics.

The Pentagon is working on a new military action code and strategy called the Trojan Horse, Grasimov said. Essentially, in order to destabilize the situation, while carrying out air strikes on the most important targets, we should actively develop the potential of the 5th column.

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