Ding Lei, member of the CPPCC National Committee, made suggestions on promoting intelligent education, e-commerce poverty alleviation and advanced manufacturing development

 Ding Lei, member of the CPPCC National Committee, made suggestions on promoting intelligent education, e-commerce poverty alleviation and advanced manufacturing development

Popularizing Intelligent Education to Poverty-stricken Mountainous Areas

Members Ding Lei suggested using Internet technologies such as AI + education to bridge the gap between urban and rural education and eradicate inter-generational transmission of poverty, so as to promote balanced development of urban and rural education in China. Intelligent education technologies such as live broadcasting, VR and artificial intelligence can synchronize high-quality education resources to poor mountainous areas.

Written suggestions put forward that we should build a network digital school integrating urban and rural areas, introduce high-quality educational resources, strengthen the cultivation and promotion of teachersability, innovate intelligent education mode, and attach importance to quality education of students in poor areas. Educational departments can encourage enterprises with relatively mature research and development of intelligent educational technology to participate in the research and development of related technologies and facilities, introduce advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, enhance the interaction of teaching, evaluate the effectiveness, and effectively help to improve the quality of teaching.

Exploring AI + education, through the application of intelligent dot matrix pen, can reduce the burden of local teacherscorrecting homework; the promotion of translation pen can greatly enhance students self-study ability; mining the scene of speech recognition, speech translation, oral evaluation and so on, can scientifically evaluate the learning effect. Intelligent education, which combines network teaching and AI technology effectively, can be used in all aspects of teaching, learning, training, testing and evaluation.

Characteristic Brand Helps E-commerce Precise Poverty Alleviation

This year is the key year to win the battle against poverty. In order to alleviate poverty accurately, members of Ding Lei suggested that poverty-stricken areas should take the road of eliminating poverty with distinctive brands, improve product quality and satisfy consumersdemand for quality.

Last year, Netease Yanxuan and Leishan County of Guizhou Province cooperated in depth to launch the Brand Creation Poverty Alleviation Plan. With the help of large data analysis and expert consultants, starting from the upstream of regional industrial development planning, supply chain source and commodity building, Netease empowered Leishan Countys poverty alleviation industry by brand, developed Leishan Countys series of characteristic commodities in depth and precisely alleviated poverty.

Combining with practice and research, the paper puts forward four measures: unified labeling, creating independent brands of local characteristic products in poor areas; intellectual assistance, introducing expert consultants, big data and other early intervention guidance; changing concepts, training more new farmers who understand the Internet; policy inclination, financial and e-commerce resources inclined to poor areas.

Promoting Internet + Advanced Manufacturing upgrading

Members of the Ding Lei Committee believe that the momentum of Chinas economic structure optimization and upgrading is obvious now. Deepening the Internet + Advanced Manufacturing can effectively promote the development of high quality economy.

To this end, the written proposal is to deepen the development of the industrial Internet of Things, insert wings for advanced manufacturing, cultivate Chinese-made independent brands to meet the needs of consumer upgrading, and strengthen the guidance of standards by the government to promote the healthy growth of the industry.

Actively use artificial intelligence and big data to understand user needs, optimize production, and promote Chinese manufacturing to intelligent, high-end and market-oriented. Neteases strict selection is an active practice to promote the structural reform of the supply side, reshaping and reforming the industrial chain process, shortening the production and marketing links, improving the quality of supply, and leading the quality and service standards of the e-commerce industry. Ding Lei members think that Internet + Advanced Manufacturing still has many space for deep integration, hoping to promote more quality made in China service China consumption.

Pay attention to the healthy growth of minors

Teenagerseducation and healthy growth have always been the focus of Ding Leis attention, and special proposals have been put forward for two consecutive years. This years proposal suggests popularizing the childrens model of smart devices to reduce childrens excessive addiction to smart devices. In addition, another proposal proposed to provide more venues for childrens outdoor activities and enhance childrens awareness of outdoor activities.

Written suggestions on healthy Internet access are put forward, such as seizing the control of equipment, adding childrens mode; encouraging exclusive content, promoting content development suitable for teenagers; doing a good job of legislative protection, and building a safe and healthy teenagersnetwork ecology.

At the beginning of this year, Neteases minor protection measures were officially upgraded, strict anti-addiction measures were put on line, and curfews and time limits were introduced. Users aged 12 and younger are limited to play for one hour a day, users aged 13 to 18 are limited to play for two hours a day, and holidays are increased by one hour; curfews are imposed between 21:30 and 8:30 a.m. the next day to help minors develop a reasonable life and rest; Netease Parents Care Platform is launched, which covers parents-children account binding, multi-account supervision, game information query, game time management and elimination. Fee management and limited play modes under various scenarios can facilitate parents to effectively monitor and manage childrens healthy Internet access.

To improve childrens physical literacy in China, suggestions on adding childrens outdoor activities space include: first, providing more convenient, safe and comfortable outdoor venues for childrens outdoor activities, upgrading and transforming existing youth activity centers; second, enhancing childrens awareness of outdoor activities through education and guidance from society, schools and the media; and third, making childrens outdoor activities more convenient and comfortable. Active statistical investigation and analysis judgment are the key research projects of the government education department.

Source: Netease Responsible Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056